Lourdes College of Nursing has two learning laboratories to accommodate all types of skills practice and simulation of patient care scenarios.  Dedicated lab staff support the development and mastery of technical nursing skills in the Flasck Nursing Center while building students’ confidence and competence. Individualized support from lab staff assists students with perfecting clinical skills such as vital signs, physical assessment, injections, urinary catheters, IV insertions and medication administration.

The new simulation laboratory supports the development of critical thinking and team collaboration as students work through realistic situations in a safe, protected learning environment. Using standardized patients, high-fidelity manikins, and other technology, students can assess and provide nursing care for specific symptoms, diseases, and conditions taken from real-life scenarios.

Image of students working in nursing simulation lab

Pregnancy and Birth Simulations

High-fidelity mother and baby manikins provide a level of complex interactivity during the learning scenarios.  Simulations permit students to participate in pregnancy and birth scenarios from pregnancy care to the actual birth as well as nursing care of mother and newborn following the birth.

Phot of infant mannikin in nursing simulation lab