Medical staff in a hospital near a desk in the hallway

Fast Facts

  • 89% graduation rate
  • 100% NCLEX passage rate for most recent Lourdes College of Nursing graduates
  • 77% of nursing faculty possess local, regional, and national influence through their publications and presentations
  • Final semester practicum is completed with a preceptor
  • 35 hospitals and community sites are offered for students to complete their clinicals
  • 6 to 1 student-to-faculty nursing clinical ratio
  • 5 semesters of study dedicated to nursing courses and clinicals
  • Awarded $12+ million in grants based on the caliber of faculty, staff and graduates
  • 70% of BSN alumni were not-traditional students during their studies
  • 100% employment rate in the Nurse Anesthesia master’s degree program within 3 months of graduation
  • MSN:NAP is only program in northwest Ohio, ranked second in quality behind only Case Western Reserve
  • MSN:NAP ranks 15th in affordability in the country

2019 2020 BSN Student Handbook