Plan Of Study

L.P.N. – B.S.N program includes core and general education courses required for graduation from Lourdes University (see criteria above) and prerequisite courses from the pre-licensure program. Each applicant’s L.P.N. transcript will be reviewed to evaluate prior academic activities. Please note the differences identified below.


Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Total credit hours: 120-125

Required Curriculum for LPN Students

NUR 252 LPN Transition to Baccalaureate Nursing*
NUR 260 Population Focused Nursing
NUR 265 Integrated Clinical I**
NUR 300 Foundations for Evidence Based Practice
NUR 305 Pharmacology for Nursing
NUR 320 Nursing Assessment
NUR 330 Mental Health Nursing
NUR 335 Integrated Clinical II
NUR 350 Nursing Care of Families with Children
NUR 360 Nursing Care of Childbearing Families
NUR 365 Integrated Clinical III
NUR 370 Acute Nursing Care
NUR 430 Clinical Nursing Leadership
NUR 435 Integrated Clinical IV ***
NUR 440 Advanced Nursing Care
NUR 485 Complex Nursing Care
NUR 490 Capstone Professional Nursing
NUR 495 Practicum in Professional Nursing

* Prior Learning credit = student will earn 5 prior learning credits for NUR 250 at successful completion of NUR 252.

** Prior Learning credit = student will earn 1 prior learning credit for NUR 265 at successful completion of NUR 265.

*** Prior Learning credit = Student will earn 3 prior learning credits for NUR 435 after successful completion of NUR 435.

Transcription fee applies.