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The RN to BSN students should take the following general education and support course requirements.


Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Total credit hours: 120-125

Nursing Major

Core Courses
ENG 101 Composition I: Essay Writing
ENG 102 Composition II: Research & Writing
MTH 212 Statistics
Ethics (see approved courses)
399 Enduring Questions seminar
NUR 491 RN Professional Capstone
Service Learning totaling 20 hours
Cultural Diversity Experience or Course

General Education




Two Theology courses 
(the second THS course must be 200 level or above)

Fine Arts
Any Music or Art course, except ART 302

Natural Science
Any biology (BIO) or any chemistry (CHM) course except CHM 099

BIO 340  Pathophysiology

Any one of the following Nutrition courses:
BIO 212 Nutrition (or the NLN testing equivalent)
BIO 313 Nutrition Science (or the NLN testing equivalent)
CHM 222 Nutritional Chemistry (or NLN testing equivalent)

Social Science
PSY 110  General Psychology
PSY 210  Developmental Psychology

Electives (must have a minimum of 120 semester hours for the B.S.N.)

Any natural science, social science, or elective courses at or above the 100 level

Nursing Major Courses
NUR 300* Foundations in Evidence Based Practice
NUR 460* Concepts in Professional Nursing
NUR 461 Applied Concepts in Professional Nursing
NUR 475 Concepts in Population Focused Nursing
NUR 476 Applied Concepts in Population Focused Nursing
NUR 480 Concepts in Leadership and Management
NUR 491 RN Professional Capstone

* After successful completion of NUR 460, the student will be awarded 39 semester hours of bypass credit for the following courses:

NUR 265* Integrated Clinical I
NUR 305 Pharmacology for Nursing
NUR 320 Nursing Assessment
NUR 330* Mental Health Nursing
NUR 335* Integrated Clinical II
NUR 350* Nursing Care of Families with Children
NUR 360* Nursing Care of Childbearing Families
NUR 365* Integrated Clinical III
NUR 370* Acute Nursing Care
NUR 435* Integrated Clinical IV
NUR 440* Advanced Nursing Care
NUR 485* Complex Nursing Care
NUR 495 Practicum in Professional Nursing

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