Honors Program

All Lourdes University student and faculty researchers who are conducting research at ProMedica Health Systems (ProMedica) need to be aware of the following process* established between Lourdes University and ProMedica:

Step 1: Researchers need to complete the Lourdes University IRB application and appropriate documents.

Note: Principal Investigators who are conducting research at a ProMedica facility must submit their capstone proposals along with the application and all supporting documents to the Lourdes University IRB. Principal Investigators should be a ProMedica system affiliate and/or employee and in most circumstances this represents the capstone advisor.

Step 2: At the same time as completing the IRB documentations, students need to fill out the Graduate Student Project Intake Survey in order to be entered into ProMedica’s project database. A person from ProMedica will be in contact regarding next steps for additional ProMedica internal documents over and above IRB documentation.

Step 3: Submit all IRB documentation (upon advisor’s approval) to the Lourdes IRB email at irb@lourdes.edu

Step 4: The Lourdes University IRB Administrator/Coordinator will conduct an initial review of the protocol for completeness.

Step 5: Upon review, applications for research to be conducted at ProMedica will then be forwarded by the Lourdes University IRB Office via email to the ProMedica IRB Office.

Step 6: The ProMedica IRB Administrator/Coordinator will review the protocol.

Note: If the protocol requires clarifications, the ProMedica IRB Administrator/Coordinator will email requests to the researcher.

Step 7:  ProMedica shall approve all protocols that are to be conducted at their facility and send the Lourdes University Administrator/Coordinator the approval letter to ensure that all files are complete.

*This process is established via a Memorandum of Understanding between Lourdes University and ProMedica Health System, for more information regarding the Memorandum of Understanding, please email irb@lourdes.edu