Phot of Nurse With Healthcare Video

RN to BSN Competency-Based Education Pathway Program

Nursing Courses

NUR 300 Foundations in Evidence Based Practice

NUR 460 Concepts in Professional Nursing*

NUR 461 Applied Concepts in Professional Nursing

NUR 475 Concepts in Population Focused Nursing

NUR 476 Applied Concepts in Population Focused Nursing

NUR 480 Concepts in Leadership & Management

NUR 491 RN Professional Capstone (also counted in core)

Sum – Credit Hours: 21

*After successful completion of NUR 460, the student will be awarded 39 semester hours of bypass credit.


General Education Courses by Transfer or Earned Credit

ENG 101 Composition I: Essay Writing

ENG 102 Composition II: Research & Writing

MTH 212 Statistics


399 Enduring Questions seminar

Sum-Credit Hours: 15


General Education




Two Theology Courses

Fine Arts

Natural Science

  • BIO 340 Pathophysiology
  • Nutrition

Social Science

  • PSY 110 General Psychology
  • PSY 210 Developmental Psychology


Sum – Credit Hours: 30

Program Total Credit Hours: 120