Lourdes Recycling Report 2017

Resources Saved 2017 Recycling Report

Lourdes University is pleased to provide the 2017 Recycling Report. Together, every member of the Lourdes University community is making a difference now and for future generations.



Kilowatt Hours

Cubic Yards


Air Particulates


In the spirit of St. Francis, Lourdes is committed to preserving resources and protecting our environment. Plastic, glass, cans, paper, and electronic devices can be collected on our campus for recycling—look for the recycling bins located throughout the campus. Please follow the guidelines below. For questions, contact Becky Alvarado at

  • Pop bottles, water bottles (labels OK)
  • Unacceptable: Plastic wrap or bags, food containers, tubs or trays, hazardous materials or oil containers


  • Brown, green and clear bottles and jars
  • Unacceptable: No ceramics, mirrors, window glass or Pyrex-type glass, light bulbs, broken glass


  • Aluminum beverage cans, steel, tin, bimetal food cans
  • Steel food can lids should remain attached; labels OK
  • Unacceptable: No aluminum foil, aerosol or paint cans, cardboard cans such as frozen juice cans

Paper – Students: Use the paper recycling bins located throughout campus.

Faculty & staff:

  • Office and mixed paper: use mini hanging baskets attached to office waste baskets to discard all paper, including white copy paper, newspaper, magazines, envelopes, colored paper, etc. Housekeepers empty mini baskets daily
  • Shredding: please place only documents that are confidential, and necessary to shred, in the large beige totes. Lourdes pays to shred documents by the pound, and by shredding only necessary documents you will be helping to save costs


  • The battery recycling container for the Lourdes campus is located in the mail room near the faculty lounge; students may drop off their batteries at the Welcome Center. A container for the Sisters of Saint Francis is located in the mail room in Umbria Hall
  • AAA to D batteries, 9-volt, cell batteries, etc. are accepted. Please tape the ends of 9-volt batteries

Electronic Devices/Toners/Ink Cartridges
The recycling bins for ink cartridges and toners are located in the REH Faculty/Staff Conference room, St. Francis Hall, St. Clare Hall and Umbria mailroom. This bin can also be used for old cell phones, iPods, mp3 players, etc. Students may turn in their devices and spent batteries at the Welcome Center.

Other Materials
The following materials are not collected for recycling on campus, but can be taken elsewhere:

Unused Medications