Tiffany Paris

Bachelor of Arts in Sociology

Total credit hours: 120

Students majoring in Sociology can take the courses marked with an asterisk (*) to fulfill both general education and major requirements.

Required Curriculum

Core and General Education for Bachelor of Arts degree (41-42 credit hours)

MTH 212        Statistics

Social Sciences
SOC 101*       Introduction to Sociology

Cultural Diversity Experience or Course
SOC 304         Multicultural Diversity

The College of Arts and Sciences requires an additional 12 credits in General Education from the disciplines within the College for the Bachelor of Arts degree.

Major Core Courses
SOC 101*  Introduction to Sociology
SOC 205   Juvenile Delinquency or
SOC 404   Deviant Behavior
SOC 301   Urban Life and Development
SOC 304   Multicultural Diversity
SOC 324   Ethics and Criminal Justice
SOC 403   Dynamics of Marriage and Family or
SOC 441   Violence and Intimate Relationships
SOC 412   Human Sexuality
SOC 413   Practice Oriented Research
SOC 420   Poverty and Justice Issues
SOC 421   Population and Society
SOC 435   Internship: Sociology/Criminal Justice
SOC 491 Capstone: Sociology
Required Sociology Elective
Available electives 33-34