Impressions of Israel

The Study Abroad program in Israel is truly an incredible opportunity! There is no better place in the world to study and experience firsthand the history, beliefs and practices of Judaism, Christianity and Islam! During this all-inclusive program, students will stay at the world-renowned Tantur Institute in Jerusalem with modern accommodations and a 50,000 volume library, receive expert-guided tours of significant religious sites in Jerusalem and Galilee, spend time in the homes of local people, as well as, float in the Dead Sea, hike through the famous fortress of Masada, and take a boat ride on the Sea of Galilee.



  • Discover Jerusalem, one of the most meaningful cities in the world. Visit the Western Wall, the Suk (Markets), Church of the Holy Sepulcher where Christ died, the Mount of Olives, Pools of Bethseda and St. Peter Gallicantu which sits atop the dungeon of the high priest Caiaphas.
  • Walk the ruins of Qumran where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found. Pamper yourself in the warm thermal pools, or float in the “unsinkable” waters of the Dead Sea. At Masada, you’ll be transported back in time to the days of King Herod on this fabled mountaintop, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Travel to Bethlehem, Capernaum, and Nazareth. Take a boat ride on the Sea of Galilee. Walk the streets of Akko/Acre one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world, another UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Thanks to our small group size and educational component, we can visit places that other tours miss. Participants will get to experience life at the local level when they: join in Shabbat services and dinner with a Jewish family, discuss life on a kibbutz with a Jewish Israeli, interact with students at Bethlehem University, and discover how Palestinians, Christians, and Jews live as pacifists at the Peace Oasis.

*Itinerary changes may occur prior to or while we are in Israel. Some sites may be hilly, require hiking to access, or have rough terrain.