• Your application cannot be considered until three recommendation forms are submitted. At least two forms must be completed by Lourdes faculty or staff (no students); one form may be completed by an outside source who is not a relative (ex. supervisor, manager, coach, former teacher, etc.). Please send this link to three recommenders: https://wwwdev.lourdes.edu/academics/study-abroad/study-abroad-recommendation-form/

    Respondent: Your name was given by a student as a reference in support of his/her application to a Lourdes University Cultural Immersion off campus. This program offers many challenges—a break with family, friends, and customary ways of doing things; involvement in an unfamiliar and rich academic area; learning through touring; the forging of group ties in a small community, as well as, the need for independence and maturity to live happily in new and challenging contexts.

    In view of these descriptive notes, please comment on the suitability of the below named, in the following areas:

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