The Ireland program allows up to 15 students to travel to Tully Cross, Ireland, a small island country with a rich and varied history.

During the first half of the summer semester, students spend three weeks with classroom learning then travel to Ireland for the final two weeks of the semester. The travel dates are May 31 – June 16, 2019. This study-abroad program is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Lourdes students, regardless of their academic interests or their previous travel experience.

Students study on a campus on the western coast of Ireland in Tully Cross, County Galway. Students and two faculty members live in thatched-roof cottages.

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SWK: 250 International Social Work
This immersion experience in a host country (e.g. within Ireland, Italy, Germany) explores current opportunities and challenges for international health and social work practice, policy, research, and collaboration. The course examines global, social, and economic issues of development and the various philosophies, strategies, and local responses used to address hunger, health, medical care, education, and other issues impacting the people of the host country. During the time in the host country, students will learn about social and economic development at the neighborhood level as well as be exposed to community organizing, international social work practice, global health and social ministry from the perspective of the vulnerable of that country and those who work with them.


Learn about the Ireland Experience and about different disciplines and how Ireland can offer each an experience.



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