The Ireland program allows up to 15 students to travel to Tully Cross, Ireland, a small island country with a rich and varied history.

During the spring semester, students spend time in the classroom at Lourdes University in preparation for their travel to Ireland. The travel dates are approximately May 31 – June 16, 2019. This study-away program is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Lourdes students, regardless of their academic interests or their previous travel experience.

Students study on a campus on the western coast of Ireland in Tully Cross, County Galway. Students and two faculty members live in thatched-roof cottages.


ENQ 399: How Does Place Shape Understanding?
This immersion experience in a host country (e.g. within Ireland, Italy, Germany) helps students understand how their location can shape the way in which they view the world.  The course explores the following questions: How can people view this differently than I do?  Why don’t other people agree with me?  In what way has where I grew up shaped my understanding of situations?


Learn about the Ireland Experience and about different disciplines and how Ireland can offer each an experience.



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