Applicant: In order to be considered for study abroad at The Umbra Institute, students must have a positive recommendation from at least two persons.  At least one recommendation must be completed by Lourdes faculty or staff (no students); one form may be completed by an outside source who is not a relative (ex. supervisor, manager, coach, former teacher, etc.). Recommendations are submitted online so please send this link to two recommenders.

Respondent: Your name was provided by a Lourdes University student as a reference in support of his/her application to The Umbra Institute Study Abroad opportunity through Lourdes University. As a participant in this program, the student will be required to complete academic work while abroad in Perugia, Italy; thus, he/she must be highly motivated, emotionally mature and able to easily adapt to people with different social and cultural backgrounds. This online recommendation will be a part of the student’s application, and  your candid appraisal of this student would be greatly appreciated, as it enables us to determine the applicant’s suitability for this program.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation, time and honest evaluation. For additional information about this study abroad program, visit: Umbra Program or Dr. Joyce Litten at

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