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The High School Scholars program provides introductory college credit courses for high school students:

  • In southeast Michigan.
  • Homeschool students in Ohio and Michigan.
  • Students attending Catholic or private high schools who choose not to enroll in the Ohio College Credit Plus program.

Lourdes University appoints qualified instructors in selected public and private high schools as adjunct instructors. These instructors offer courses in the high schools as extensions of the particular Lourdes University academic department. As adjunct faculty members, these instructors receive support and supervision from the appropriate Lourdes University academic department.

High School Scholars Admission Criteria

  • Open to high school students in grades 10 through 12 who meet their high school eligibility requirements and the Lourdes University criteria for enrollment. Contact your high school guidance counselor to determine requirements.
  • If there is no ACT or SAT test score, Lourdes University will look at PLAN, PSAT, COMPASS or university placement testing.
  • Students can apply for High School Scholars for spring and fall semesters.
  • High School Scholars students wishing to continue at Lourdes University following high school graduation must notify the Office of Admissions of their intention to continue enrollment.

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