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The DNP program is intended to be a student-driven experience. Each student defines his/her specific population of health in which to study and to develop expertise.

As a Lourdes DNP student, you are challenged to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to meet client needs in a variety of health care settings while maintaining a grounding in Franciscan mission & values. Nursing education at Lourdes University is rooted in Franciscan values of community, learning, reverence, and service, highlighting a respect for the integrity of all creation with an emphasis on the spiritual, psychosocial, and physical health of persons.

Doctoral-prepared faculty and qualified support staff collaborate regularly with students throughout the program. Content related to population health and models of leadership for nursing and healthcare are provided with the DNP Essentials in mind. Students learn the skills of population health and global advocacy involving social policy as well as business planning for program development, implementation, and evaluation.