Curriculum and Learning Outcomes


Total Credit Hours Required for Graduation: 36 credit hours

Sample MBA Curriculum Courses

Semester One
MBA 621 Developing as a Leader
MBA 624 Planning, Budgeting, and Implementation

Semester Two
MBA 622 Critical Thinking and Effective Business Communication
MBA 625 Global Business Perspectives

Semester Three
MBA 623 Financial Reporting and Analysis
MBA 662 Managerial Finance

Semester Four
MBA 626 Power, Politics, and Influence in Organizations
MBA 627 Creativity, Innovation, and Integrative Thinking

Semester Five
MBA 650 Operations Management
MBA 651 Supply Chain Management

Semester Six
MBA 652 Project Management
MBA 629 Models, Markets, and Their Limitations

MBA Learning Outcomes

  • An ability to recognize complex problems and accurately apply management concepts as a team member, by drawing upon facts, frameworks and theories to strategically complete projects.
  • Ability to apply marketing concepts in order to effectively communicate, persuade and strategically engage diverse audiences within a technically driven business environment.
  • Ability to apply accounting concepts and quantitative techniques in the creation, and analysis of financial situations within a business environment.
  • Ability to apply financial concepts and quantitative techniques and methods in the analysis of financial and non-financial purposes to minimize risk.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of ethical and social responsibility of leaders and their organizations, including an understanding of the value of diversity in leadership and leadership development.
  • Understanding of the multidimensional global business environment.


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