Mid adult Caucasian woman is smiling and pointing at screen on laptop computer. She is giving presentation to diverse hospital employees during a staff meeting in a board room.


Sample Undergraduate Bridge Curriculum Courses

Semester 1
NUR 460 Concepts in Professional Nursing
Enduring Question Course

Semester 2
NUR 475 Concepts in Population Focused Nursing
NUR 480 Concepts in Leadership & Management

Semester 3
MTH 212 Statistics
NUR 300 Foundations for Evidence Based Practice

Undergraduate bridge courses: Up to 18 credit hours
plus Graduate coursework credit hours – 43
Total credit hours – 61

See Graduate Educator and Leader coursework.

Learning Outcomes

  • Incorporate knowledge from nursing science, related fields, and professional foundations in building advanced nursing roles.
  • Collaborate in scholarly activities of evaluation, application, and integration of nursing research into holistic nursing practice.
  • Engage in professional and practice activities, advocate for change, and articulate the role of the advanced nurse through interprofessional interaction.
  • Integrate Franciscan and personal values and beliefs into a framework for advanced nursing.
  • Demonstrate an understanding and appreciation of human diversity in the provision of health care including clinical prevention and population health.
  • Explore the impact of ethical, political, economic, legal, and moral issues related to healthcare in society.
  • Develop a commitment for lifelong learning and advanced study.
  • Utilize health information technologies for quality and safety initiatives related to advanced nursing roles.
  • Apply organizational and systems leadership principles in the advanced nursing role.