A multi-ethnic group of children are indoors in an elementary school classroom. They are wearing casual clothing. They are in technology class. A girl is using a laptop computer with help from her teacher.


Sample Teaching and Curriculum Courses

EDU 640 Literacy Foundations and Strategies

EDU 641 Phonics and Applied Word Study

EDU 642 Reading and Writing in the P-12 Classroom

EDU 643 Literacy Assessment, Diagnosis and Intervention

EDU 644 Practicum: Professionalism in Clinical Literacy Practice
5 Certificate courses complete – can take OAE exam to add endorsement to current teaching license

Those choosing to pursue the full master’s degree will also take:
EDU 600 Introduction to Graduate Studies and Applied Research

EDU 620 Action Research Project Design

EDU 613 Current and Emerging Technologies in Education

EDU 611 Social, Cultural and Legal Issues in Education

EDU 621 Action Research Project

EDU 612 Current Trends in Curriculum and Instruction


  • Recognizing that all students are unique gifts of God, graduate candidates will demonstrate an understanding of contemporary curriculum teaching and learning theories and will be able to apply these to promote learning for all.
  • Grounded in the Franciscan values of learning, reverence, and service, graduate candidates will demonstrate a commitment to social responsibility, global diversity, and the standards of their discipline.
  • Promoting the use of research-based instructional practices, graduate candidates will incorporate the use of instructional technologies to support student learning and literacies as well as, their own professional development.
  • Grounded in 21st Century skills and dispositions, graduate candidates will demonstrate value and respect for global diversity in order to promote inclusive and responsive educational practices.
  • Demonstrating effective oral and written communication forms, graduate candidates will exhibit proficiency in the specific knowledge-bases and dispositions which form their areas of specialization.
  • Demonstrating proficiency in specific areas of specialization and research methodology, Masters of Education candidates will develop and present a capstone project.