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The Graduate Leadership Certificate (GLC) program is designed for current and prospective leaders at all levels within any organization to update their leadership knowledge, skills, and abilities thus enabling them to enhance the performance of their respective organizations and to make a positive difference in both their organizations and communities.

The GLC program is an alternative for those individuals who desire leadership training but are not necessarily interested in completing a graduate degree. It is also designed to provide relevant transfer credit into other graduate programs. Students who intend to transfer hours should consult with the appropriate program officials.

Learning Outcomes

It is our expectation that students who successfully complete the program will:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of ethical and social responsibility of leaders and their organizations, including an understanding of the value of diversity in leadership and leadership development.
  • Identify leadership problems and apply leadership theory to real world problems.
  • Analyze, collect, evaluate and synthesize information from multiple sources.
  • Apply appropriate qualitative and quantitative research methods to investigate and solve  problems in organizations.

Required Curriculum

Total credit hours: 9

LS 610 Leadership Foundations
LS 611 Leadership & Organizational Behavior
LS 617 Financial Tools for Leaders & Organizations