Anna Malone Tony

Total Credit Hours Required for Graduation: 36 credit hours



Core Content Courses
(27 credit hours)
LS 610 Leadership Foundations
LS 612 Quantitative Tools for Leadership
LS 613 Diversity and Leadership
LS 614 Ethical Leadership
LS 615 Research Methods & Statistical Analysis
LS 616 Interpersonal Issues in Leadership
LS 617 Financial Tools for Leaders & Organizations
LS 618 Leadership & Organizational Development
LS 698 Leadership Capstone Project
LS 699* Leadership Capstone Project Continuation

MOL Elective Concentrations
(9 credit hours)
LS 611 Leadership & Organizational Behavior
LS 619 Strategic Thinking
LS 620 Connective Leadership and Cultural Competence
LS 625 Financial Management in Healthcare
LS 626 Strategic Healthcare Planning
LS 627 Public Policy and Healthcare
LS 692 Global Business & Cultural Immersion Analysis
LS 693 Global Business Immersion

*Students who do not finish their Leadership Capstone Project within the semester of original enrollment for LS 698 are required to enroll each semester in the program’s LS 699 Leadership Capstone Project Continuation course for 0 credit hours.


  • Identify leadership problems and apply leadership theory to real world problems.
  • Communicate effectively in writing and/or oral presentations.
  • Apply appropriate qualitative and quantitative research methods to investigate and solve problems in organizations.
  • Critically reflect on proposed projects and issues, foresee obstacles to project implementation, and apply a systematic process for dealing with challenges.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of ethical and social responsibility of leaders and their organizations, including an understanding of the value of diversity in leadership and leadership development.
  • Demonstrate the ability to initiate, implement, and complete multi-step project. (Multi-step Project)
  • Analyze, collect, evaluate and synthesize information from multiple sources.