Curriculum and Learning Outcomes


Total Credit Hours Required for Graduation: 36 credit hours

Sample MOL Curriculum Courses

Semester 1
LS 610 Leadership Foundations
LS 611 Leadership and Organizational Behavior

Semester 2
LS 617 Financial Tools for Leaders and Organizations
LS 612 Advanced Statistics & Data Analysis

Semester 3
LS 614 Ethics and Leadership

Semester 4
LS 613 Diversity and Leadership
LS 616 Interpersonal Issues in Leadership

Semester 5
LS 615 Research Methodology
LS 618 Leadership and Organizational Development

Semester 6
LS 619 Leadership Strategy

Semester 7
LS 698 Capstone



  • Identify leadership problems and apply leadership theory to real world problems.
  • Communicate effectively in writing and/or oral presentations.
  • Apply appropriate qualitative and quantitative research methods to investigate and solve problems in organizations.
  • Critically reflect on proposed projects and issues, foresee obstacles to project implementation, and apply a systematic process for dealing with challenges.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of ethical and social responsibility of leaders and their organizations, including an understanding of the value of diversity in leadership and leadership development.
  • Demonstrate the ability to initiate, implement, and complete multi-step project. (Multi-step Project)
  • Analyze, collect, evaluate and synthesize information from multiple sources.