Transfer Students

This 2 + 2 Pathway is based on the 2018-2019 Lourdes University Catalog. Students entering Lourdes University under a different catalog may be subject to changes in program requirements.

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Washtenaw - Business (AABAS) to Business Administration (BS)
Washtenaw – 1st Semester Lourdes – 5th Semester
BMG 140 Introduction to Business CMP 211 Spreadsheets and Databases
ENG 111 Composition I ACC 302 Managerial Accounting
MTH 160 Basic Statistics BUS 203 Management Concepts
Natural Sciences BUS 204 Marketing Concepts
MTH 111 Fundamental Concepts of Math II
Washtenaw – 2nd Semester Lourdes – 6th Semester
CIS 110 Introduction to Computer Information Systems BUS 304 Corporate Finance
ACC 111 Principles of Accounting I BUS 320 International Business
BMG 207  Business Communication BUS 340 Business Internship
ENG 226 Composition II ENG 352 Professional Writing
Arts and Humanities (ART or MUS course) Literature Course
Washtenaw – 3rd Semester Lourdes – 7th Semester
Social and Behavioral  Science (HST Course) MKT 335 Marketing Management
BMG 111 Business Law I BUS 413 Organizational Behavior
BMG 265 Business Statistics Elective
ACC 122 Principles of Accounting II Business Administration Elective
ECO 211 Principles of Economics I Theology Course
Washtenaw – 4th Semester Lourdes – 8th Semester
ECO 222  Principles of Economics II BUS 430 Business Ethics
Arts and Humanities (PHL Course) BUS 490 Business Policy
Elective – Natural Sciences with Lab Business Administration Elective
Theology Course
Enduring Question Course
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