Transfer Students

This 2 + 2 Pathway is based on the 2018-2019 Lourdes University Catalog. Students entering Lourdes University under a different catalog may be subject to changes in program requirements.

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Washtenaw - Health Program Preparation (ASHPP) to Health Care Administration (BS)
Washtenaw – 1st Semester Lourdes – 5th Semester
Social & Behavioral Science I (ECO 211 Principles of Economics I) BUS 204 Marketing Concepts
ENG 111 Composition I BUS 304 Corporate Finance
Math (MTH 160 Basic Statistics) HCA 225 Health Care Services Delivery
Nat. Sci. General Education MTH 111 Fundamental Concepts of Math II
BIO 207 Public Health
CMP 111 Communication & Search Applications
Washtenaw – 2nd Semester Lourdes – 6th Semester
ENG 226 Composition II BUS 320 International Business
Soc. Sci. (ECO 222 Principles of Economics II) ENG 352 Professional Writing
Area studies Elective (BUS 140 Introduction to Business) HCA 424 Health Care Management
Nat. Sci. General Science Elective (from second area/discipline) HST 290 History of Health Care
Literature Course
Theology Course
Washtenaw – 3rd Semester Lourdes – 7th Semester
Arts/Human. (PHL 244 Ethical and Legal Issues in Health Care) BUS 340 Business Internship
HSC 101 Healthcare Terminology HCA 425 Financial Management for Health Care Professional
Area Studies Elective (ACC 111 Principles of Accounting) HCA 426 US Health Care Policy
Area Studies Elective (BMG 207 Business Communications) HCA 428 Health Care Quality & Outcomes
Elective Theology Course
Washtenaw – 4th Semester Lourdes – 8th Semester
Arts/Human. (ART or MUS course) BUS 430 Business Ethics
Elective (BOS 184 Spreadsheet Software Apps) BUS 490 Business Policy
Area Studies Elective (ACC 122 Principles of Accounting II) HCA 427 Health Care Information
Area Studies Elective (BMG 111 Business Law I) HCA 490 Health Care Governance
Area Studies Elective (BMG 230 Management Skills) Enduring Questions Course
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