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Lourdes University is proud of our test optional admissions policy. Submission of ACT or SAT test scores for incoming undergraduate student applicants is optional. This gives prospective students a choice when considering whether or not to submit their standardized test score(s).

As a test optional institution, Lourdes is one of 1,000+ accredited higher education institutions that does not require standardized testing for admission. This aligns with the Lourdes University holistic admissions process. Our University takes into consideration a number of metrics including your classroom performance, rigor of coursework, writing ability, extra-curricular involvement and recognition, and teacher/counselor recommendations to give us a total picture of who you are as a student.

Standardized test scores may not always reflect an accurate indication of the abilities needed to succeed in college for a number of student populations. People without access to test preparation courses and tutors is one example. Often, the cost to retake these standardized tests can be a deterrent and therefore a barrier to admission. The test-optional admissions policy also can benefit individuals with learning and physical differences and English language learners.

The test-optional admissions policy allows Lourdes University to maintain our academic standards and ensures we admit students with the capacity to succeed.

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