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This 2 + 2 Pathway is based on the 2016-2017 Lourdes University Catalog. Students entering Lourdes University under a different catalog may be subject to changes in program requirements.

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MCCC - Associate of Applied Science: Computer Science to Bachelor of Science, Integrated Business Major
MCCC Required Coursework  MCCC Required Coursework Lourdes – 5th Semester Lourdes – 5th Semester
Course Description Course Description
CIS 130 Introduction to Computer Information Systems BUS 202 Accounting II
CIS 150 Computer Science I ENG 102 Composition II
CIS 153 Desktop App Programming MTH 212 Statistics
CIS 167 Discrete Structures Philosophy Course
CIS 175 Android Programming Theology Course
CIS 250 Computer Science II
CIS 267 Beginning Game Programming Lourdes – 6th Semester Lourdes – 6th Semester
CIS 268 Assembly Language and Computer Architecture Course Description
Additional CIS Electives (4 credits) BUS 204 Marketing Concepts
Natural Science Competency BUS 235 Business Communications
MATH 171 Calculus I BUS 254 Macroeconomics
ENG 151 English Composition I CMP 211 Spreadsheets & Databases
(ART or MUS) Expressions of the Human Experience Competency Literature Course
(HIST) Social Systems Competency
(BUSAD 151) General Elective (Introduction to Business) Lourdes – 7th Semester Lourdes – 7th Semester
(ACCTG 151) General Elective (Accounting Principles) Course Description
(BMGT 201) General Elective (Principles of Management) BUS 255 Microeconomics
BUS 340 Business Internship
BUS 430 Business Ethics
ENG 352 Professional Writing
Theology Course
Lourdes – 8th Semester Lourdes – 8th Semester
Course Description
BUS 304 Corporate Finance
BUS 320 International Business
BUS 330 Legal Environment of Business
BUS 490 Business Policy
Enduring Questions Course
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