Planetarium Coordinator Dr Laura Megeath in Planetarium with show on display behind her

Planets, asteroids, rockets, stars, and galaxies – these are the usual destinations of visitors to the Appold Planetarium. Instead of launching visitors into space as usual, the planetarium has gone virtual! Audiences can still experience the excitement of space exploration through the Dome from Home Club.

The Dome from Home Club is completely free and all it takes to join is an email address. Videos are emailed to members twice a month. Some videos are identical to those shown in the Appold Planetarium but formatted for flat screens rather than projected on a curved dome. These virtual productions are produced at Lourdes with the same software used during live planetarium shows. To join, visit

Field trips for elementary students bring hundreds of children to the Appold Planetarium in a typical year. As field trips are not possible for schools this year, we are meeting kids and helping teachers virtually through free online field trips. We are also sharing our passion for space on social media (follow us on Facebook) and through collaborations with Imagination Station. We look forward to the day when we can reopen the doors of the Appold Planetarium and travel into space again.

Sampling of Planetarium Dome from Home Shows



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