Heidi Conklin

Nurse practitioner Heidi Conklin has dedicated her career to providing the best care possible for her patients. As a nurse, her goal is to make a positive difference. Her colleagues and those with whom she cares for can attest to her strength of character, skill and ability to assist individuals in need.

Providing care

As a nurse practitioner employed with ProMedica Physician Group and ProMedica Ear, Nose and Throat, Ms. Conklin plays an important role in the day-to-day operations of a major health system. A typical morning finds her on rounds at the hospitals seeing patients who have had ENT related surgeries or related medical problems.

In addition to assessing patients, she writes orders for tests and medications, communicates with the registered nurses and doctors that are involved with the patients’ care, handles discharge orders, conducts assessments and educates and works with patients on a mutually acceptable plan of care. Twice a month, you’ll find Ms. Conklin at the ProMedica Head and Neck Tumor Board where physicians and practitioners from multiple specialties meet, discuss and make recommendations for patients who have been diagnosed with head and neck cancers.

“What I find most rewarding about my job is the time spent talking with patients and their families about their medical condition, treatment and possible outcomes. I am glad to have the opportunity to have 1:1 contact with them and to work with such a great group of physicians and staff,” she says.

Lifelong learner

A lifelong learner, Ms. Conklin first began her career in 1985 after earning an associate degree in nursing. While continuing to work, she would return to school to achieve a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Lourdes and in 2004, a Master of Science in Nursing degree from then Medical College of Ohio. Excelling at work and in the classroom, she would graduate with honors and was chosen as the graduate school convocation speaker. “My Lourdes professors helped me gain the confidence I needed to enroll in graduate school,” she adds.

Throughout her career, Ms. Conklin has made a positive impact – in the Intensive Care Unit, as a RN case manager, doing rounds at hospitals and serving as a nurse practitioner in palliative care, stroke and most recently ENT. “Nursing is a challenging yet rewarding career. There are so many different things you can do, different specialties and types of places to work. As a nurse, you really need to care about people in order to provide the best care.”

As to her future, the wife and mother of two adult children still loves her job. “It allows me to directly interact with patients and best utilize my skills,” she says. The advice she offers to individuals considering a career in nursing is to first work at the bedside before continuing to an advanced practice degree. “The experience is invaluable and will serve you well.”

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