Kedsede Desamour, ’14, ‘13

Remy Fleurima, ’14, ‘13

Kavaughn Ross, ’15, ‘14

In 2010, three friends from Fort Lauderdale decided to take a chance on Lourdes College’s newly established Gray Wolves Basketball Team. Recruited by then Head Coach Andre Smith, Kedsede Desamour, Remy Fleurima and Kavaughn Ross transferred. The three would also be among the very first residential students.

Their friendship has remained steadfast as well as their loyalty to their alma mater. Each are part of the double alumni group – having earned undergraduate and graduate degrees in business administration. When possible, they also return to Sylvania to support the team.

Successful in their own right, Ked and Remy have earned their CPA and, along with Kavaughn, are employed with a Fortune 100 company as accounting specialists and consultants. In 2018, KOR Ventures was established. “The name stands for Keen On Returns. We didn’t want to be specific in any one area,” notes Ked.

“When we were attending Lourdes, Ked and I would often talk about starting a business. Over the next few years, we explored options and finally decided to go for it,” adds Remy. Kavaughn would soon join them as a co-owner.

Specializing in the real estate leasing and rentals industry, KOR Ventures began purchasing and renting homes. Leveraging Kavaughn’s experience in contract logistics, they contemplated an expansion to cover heavy duty semi-truck leasing. “I had a feel for the industry. The numbers were good and getting better in trucking when we decided to take the jump,” says Kavaughn.

It turned out to be the perfect time! Throughout the height of the COVID-19 pandemic and in subsequent months, the trucking portion of their business boomed as demand for deliveries skyrocketed. Ked, Remy and Kavaughn have since purchased additional heavy duty semi-trucks to meet the demands and have now grown their real estate ventures to include flipping houses.

“What’s the next best opportunity? We know that once we put our minds together, anything is possible,” adds Ked.

   Photo of alumni from left: Kavaughn Ross, Remy Fleurima and Kedsede Desamour in front of one of their tractor trailers/semi trucks.Photo of Kavaughn Ross, Remy Fleurima and Kedsede Desamour

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