“I love science and math and this profession is what I love,” says Jason Perkins, Nurse Anesthetist at ProMedica Defiance Regional Hospital.

During his career and pursuit of becoming a CRNA, the Upper Sandusky, OH native was cheered on by several colleagues, friends and family. Dr. Barbara Grover, DNP, CRNA, has been a mentor and friend who was very influential in his journey.

He is grateful to his parents Patricia and Jim Perkins for being steady cheerleaders who “encouraged me to reach for the stars” as well as his partner John Swearingen Jr. “He has been by my side during training and every day that I come home from work. John is a big supporter of the profession.”

Jason, John and John’s daughters Elizabeth and Hannah love to travel. The family have gone to several states, camped, visited historical places and in 2019, went to the United Kingdom. “I loved London, visiting all the castles.” One of the highlights of the trip was the Royal Ascot race where he was able to see Queen Elizabeth and HRH Prince William and Kate.

When not in the hospital administering anesthesia, Jason devotes many hours to one of his biggest hobbies – showing American quarter horses in American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA) and Palomino Horse Breeders Association (PHBA) shows. An award winner, he has captured two world titles and two Reserve World (RW) titles in the pleasure driving category with his horse The Royal Tease, a palomino gelding. A renaissance individual, Jason also collects antiques, gardens and even started a small hobby sheep farm, Wilhurst Shetland Sheep, to breed for quality wool production.

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