Lauren Laverock-Sauve grew up in Harrow, Ontario, Canada. While she earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Windsor, her entire nursing career has been in the metro Detroit area.

For more than a decade, she has commuted from Canada to Beaumont Hospitals in Royal Oak and Dearborn, MI and now Mercy Health – St. Vincent’s in Toledo, OH. “As a Canadian, I require immigration documents such as a Trade Nafta (TN) VISA, VISASCREEN, and a NEXUS pass for expedited border crossing.”

For fourteen years prior to attending anesthesia school, Lauren worked as a Registered Nurse caring for ICU stepdown and cardiovascular surgical ICU patients. Lauren’s primary motivation for becoming a CRNA was to “advance my career and have a job that allows for autonomy, daily challenges and a high degree of satisfaction”. She went on to say, “I’ve never met a CRNA that didn’t love their job”.

As a CRNA with NorthStar Anesthesia, Lauren now makes the weekly trek to Toledo knowing she can return to Canada a day or two later to be with her husband. “Thanks to great friends, I am able to stay at their place rather than living out of hotels.” Also, “My husband is very understanding of my need to be away for work for a night or two every week. He knows how hard I worked to become a CRNA and is happy that I get to work in a place and with people I enjoy. Even though it is a bit of a distance, it works out well
for us.”

The pandemic has not altered Lauren’s ability to work in the states. As an essential worker, she is able to continue to commute to do the job she loves.

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