Lourdes University is pleased to announce the 2019-2020 Staff Excellence Award winners.

Behind the scenes, the Lourdes staff makes the operation of the institution possible. Made up of committed administrative assistants, technology and maintenance staff, department directors and many others, our staff works tirelessly for the benefit of our students.

This year we are pleased to honor two staff members who further the mission of Lourdes through their direct interaction with students.

Lisa Mattin

Lisa Mattin, Assistant Director of the Academic Success Center (ASC), commits her time and energy to coordinating tutors, academic coaches and services that provide academic support for all Lourdes students.


Sara Soper

Sara Soper, Accessibility Coordinator for the Office of Accessibility Services, assists with accommodations and provides support services and resources so that all students have an equal opportunity for personally and academically rewarding experiences.

In mid-March these energetic staff members ramped up their efforts to assist students as they navigated the new world of remote learning.

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