Logo for Lourdes University Nurse Anesthesia 10th Anniversary with ribbon

The Lourdes University Nurse Anesthesia Program (NAP) has reached a milestone. For 10 years, the Lourdes NAP faculty have prepared candidates to become qualified and excellent Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNAs).

During the 2021 Nurse Anesthesia Conference, graduates, current students, faculty and staff set aside time to celebrate their accomplishments. In this AtLourdes blog, Lourdes shines a spotlight on a stellar program and accomplished professionals.

Tia Agboruche, RN, NAP Student

Kelsi Belcher, MSN, CRNA, ’19

Megan Fillman, MSN, CRNA, ’14

Kelsey Kovacs, MSN, CRNA, ’20

Lauren Laverock-Sauve, MSN, CRNA, ’19

Jason Perkins, MSN, CRNA, ’13

Ronnya Peter, RN, NAP Student

Sara Rogers, MSN, CRNA, ’16

Charles Tabbert, MSN, CRNA, ’15


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