Ray DeAustria

Technology Associate
Savage & Associates

In his information technology position, Ray sees his role as a “soldier up front protecting everything behind you.” Whether he is  creating or developing a new web internal-interface for Office 365, providing cybersecurity analysis, or assisting with system administration operations or multiple company-wide projects, he appreciates the challenges and accomplishments.

“I enjoy working with my colleagues. It feels like another home when I come here. Savage & Associates is definitely family-oriented and it was one of the selling points during my interview,” he says.

Having graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Integrated Business, Ray is prepared to succeed in his chosen profession. Intended for business professionals or those looking to maximize their number of transfer credits, the degree is a perfect choice for many adult students. “An integrated business degree allows you to specialize in your chosen field. It helped me learn more about the business industry and complemented my Information Systems and Technologies skills.”

Ray learned valuable techniques and knowledge through his associate’s degree in information systems at Owens Community College. He then honed his IT skills at an internship for a local computer store. “My Lourdes education strengthened my skill set. It taught me how to problem-solve quickly and efficiently and how to be an excellent team member and leader on company projects. It also instilled in me the value of volunteering which is also a vital part of the Savage & Associates family.”

As to his future, Ray looks to grow and expand his knowledge and skills in the IT industry and possibly to further his education with either a Master of Cybersecurity or Business Administration degree. The energetic lifelong learner also sees himself imparting his own knowledge as a professor – teaching new professionals about the latest developments and methods in the business and technologies industry.

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  1. You chose a university that matched your interests and talents so well – compassion for and interests in others, service, personal attention, a wholesome environment, and recognition of God’s role in our lives. As your mom, I am proud of the good choices you have made, the opportunities Savage & Associatiates has given you, and the quality experience Lourdes University offered you!

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