Jay Denman And Phillip Stuart

In 2015, the LaValley family established a pilot scholarship program to honor their beloved parents Richard and Mary Ann LaValley. With their lifelong commitment to Catholic education, the LaValley Family Scholarship provided funds to new Lourdes students who were graduates of St. Francis de Sales High School or St. Ursula Academy.

To date, five students have each received a LaValley Family $10,000 Scholarship which is renewable for up to three years.

The LaValley Family’s commitment to Catholic education has made a huge difference. The students who hold an average 3.34 GPA have been able to pursue their educational goals and can look forward to embarking on a new journey in graduate school or in their chosen profession.

“The LaValley Family scholarship has allowed me to attend Lourdes without a huge financial burden. Without this type of support, I do not know if I would be at Lourdes receiving an excellent education and playing the sport I love. My success thus far would not have been possible without the generosity of the LaValley family,” says Jay Denman, a marketing major and member of the Gray Wolves baseball and golf teams.” Phillip Stuart, a business administration major and member of the Gray Wolves golf team, concurs, adding “My last two years have been amazing. I wouldn’t have changed anything!”

Continuing to support student scholarships

In 2019, the LaValley Foundation extended the program for an additional five years beginning in the 2019-2020 academic year. “This type of commitment to Lourdes University and its students is invaluable. Together with other generous individuals and foundations, Lourdes is able to provide talented and high-achieving students with the means to achieve their dreams,” adds Vicki Stouffer, Vice President for Institutional Advancement.

To learn more about scholarships and how you can make a positive impact at Lourdes, contact Ms. Stouffer at 419-824-3969 or vstouffer@lourdes.edu.


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