William White

A graduate of Toledo Public Schools, Mr. William White is delighted to serve as Dean of Students at one of his alma mater’s locations – Rogers High School. “I am so proud to be a TPS graduate! It has helped me understand the district, the school system, the students and the surrounding community. In turn, I am able to better understand and communicate with colleagues, students and their families.

As an educational leader, the Lourdes alumnus mentors students and helps to oversee the safety and security of students and staff. He was motivated to become a teacher in his 30s. “In my youth, I dealt with many personal struggles that impacted my academic success. After finally realizing my own self-worth, I knew it was important to help young people realize their potential and avoid the challenges and pitfalls that I faced.”

Whenever possible, Mr. White works with students to develop their critical thinking skills and to apply them in their everyday lives. “When students have that ‘ah ha’ moment, when they make those strides and growth in maturity, that’s what makes it worthwhile. Social media, cell phones and the internet provide information easily. For that reason, many young people have lost the drive to problem solve and expect things to be made available with less personal effort. It’s important to empower them and instill the necessary skills needed to be successful adults.”

Prior to his current position, Mr. White served as the Vice Principal at Martin Luther King Junior Academy for Boys. In that capacity, he was instrumental in helping create community and professional partnerships that have served the school, educators, parents and administrators well. “Working with the teachers, staff and Principal Mr. Willie Ward, we were able to create a family-type relationship throughout the school, within the community and with neighboring businesses,” he adds.

Having worked as a teacher and educational leader, Mr. White understands the qualities and skills needed. “Educators are directly involved with shaping the minds and futures of young people. Administrators are focused on setting and fulfilling the institution’s mission and ensuring that students are learning and progressing in the best possible environment.”

A die hard Macomber-Whitney Vocational Technical High School alumnus (Class of ’84), Mr. White is the proud owner of a large collection of memorabilia including yearbooks, pins and pennants. He has applied that same sense of school spirit at Rogers High School. When not busy working with students, he is cheering on several teams including the Lady Rams basketball team, the reigning state champs. “The staff at Rogers is top notch and as dean I feel like a member of a great family!”

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