Students are primarily responsible for the implementation of their academic accommodations.

Once reasonable academic accommodations have been established through the Office of Accessibility Services, students are responsible for meeting with their instructors, providing them with a copy of their Academic Accommodations (AA) letter for the semester, and discussing the accommodations.  When necessary, students are also responsible for making arrangements with the Academic Success Center (ASC), coordinating with their instructors, and providing the ASC with a copy of their AA letter for the semester.

Once Housing and/or Meal Plan accommodations are assigned, the Office of Accessibility Services will liaise between the student and the relevant University departments to implement any accommodations.

Students receiving accommodations should communicate issues to the Office of Accessibility Services as soon as they arise.  Likewise, students are responsible for contacting the Office of Accessibility Services each semester to continue services and/or to request any adjustments to their accommodations; any additional accommodation requests will require completion of the Accommodation Request Form and may require additional supporting documentation.

Notifying the Instructor

Students who receive classroom and/or testing accommodations should communicate directly with the instructor of each of their classes. Because all classes are designed differently, any reasonable modifications to the classroom environment can usually be made between the student and instructor. As a result, maintaining an open dialogue with instructors at the beginning, as well as throughout the semester can help to prevent issues later on.

Alternative Testing Accommodations

Accommodations for testing are assigned on an individualized basis. It is imperative that students take an active role in communicating with instructors regarding each test in a timely manner so that, together, arrangements can be made for testing with accommodations. The Academic Success Center (ASC) is available to provide proctoring services within a distraction-reduced testing environment and can accommodate most alternative testing arrangements.

Because some services take time to schedule (such as proctor/scribe services), students must make testing arrangements and schedule alternative testing at least a week in advance. Students are responsible for notifying the ASC of assigned accommodations at the time of the appointment.

Alternative Format Texts

The Office of Accessibility Services works with students to secure appropriate alternative format textbooks. Because many books can now be provided in a digital format (eText) for students to purchase/rent, students are responsible for notifying the Office of Accessibility Services each semester of required alternative format texts. In order to receive an alternative format text, students must obtain a hard copy of the text.

Information regarding screen reader programs used for some alternative format texts and online resources can also be obtained through the Office of Accessibility Services.

Note Taking Services

Students who receive note taking services will be assigned a student note taker to confidentially provide them with notes within 36 hours of the class. Communication between note takers and students is essential. Because note taking services are provided only as a supplement, students receiving this accommodation are not provided with notes for class sessions they do not attend.