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The University will continue to follow guidelines from Lucas County Health department and the CDC regarding communicable disease, including COVID 19. Students will abide by any isolation restrictions determined by the Lourdes University Health Center

Freedom of Expression

Lourdes University preserves the openness of public dialog and debate. An environment that encourages diverse views and the free exchange of ideas is vital to the Lourdes University mission. The University’s policies seek to encourage open, on- going intellectual engagement and debate through civil, mutually respectful interactions. Lourdes University respects the right of all members of the academic community to express their ideas freely and to demonstrate their concerns collectively

by orderly means and respect the principles that govern the University. The University does not endorse political candidates nor does it necessarily endorse the views of speakers hosted on campus. Approval for speakers and external groups must be obtained by the President’s Cabinet. Non-approved vendors associated with the political event or speaker will not be allowed on campus property.

Members of the Lourdes community should understand that standards of civility, consideration, and tolerance must shape our interactions with each other. Infringing on the expression of views, either by interfering with a speaker or by defacing or removing properly posted or distributed notices or materials, will not be tolerated.

Events, Campus Demonstrations (Policy)

The University reserves the right to control the time, place, and manner of events that occur on campus. The University does not seek to censor the expression of ideas, but rather to maintain campus safety and order. Demonstrators may be assigned to particular places on campus by campus safety officers.

Demonstrations by members of the campus community may occur on campus, but must not disrupt the regular operation of the University.

Guidelines for Demonstrations

Members of the Lourdes community are welcome to distribute literature where it will not interfere with classes or other University functions.

Demonstrators may neither impede nor harass people wishing to attend an event.  Disruption, force, or threat of force do not constitute acceptable forms of demonstration at Lourdes University. We may call on local law enforcement agencies and may choose to impose the University’s disciplinary sanctions on members of the University community who violate guidelines.

Individual members of the Lourdes community speak only for themselves in their public expressions and/or demonstrations. The office of University Relations coordinates institutional responses to the media.

Student Email

Every student currently enrolled at Lourdes University is given an email account for his/her use for the duration of their time at Lourdes. This is an official form of communication from the University and students are expected to read and respond to official messages.

Student email accounts will be kept for two years after the student takes his/her last course. If a student returns to Lourdes after stopping out for two years, their email account will be recreated at that time. Students access email via logging into the Lourdes Portal.

Students are required to adhere to the Technology Acceptable Use Policies. 

Posting Guidelines

Posting Policy

The following policy is designed to allow registered student clubs, organizations, administrative and academic departments to properly post items on Lourdes University property in a manner consistent with the mission of the University.

All advertisements and materials must be approved by the Office of Student Activities. Only individuals and organizations are permitted to post advertising if a stamp of approval has been provided by the Office of Student Activities. Advertising materials should be given to Student Activities, SCH 143,, X8413, no later than five business days before an event.

  • Advertising material can be sent electronically for approval
  • Advertising material can be taken to SCH 143 for approval

Each organization, administrative or academic department is responsible for posting and removal of materials. Advertisements can only be posted for two weeks (unless the event is held longer than one day) and must be removed no later than 48 hours after the event.

Advertisements cannot be posted to glass surfaces including doors, painted surfaces, trees, steps, sidewalks, or brick. Postings displayed in violation of this policy will be removed regardless of content.

Before materials can be posted, please make sure to do the following:

  • Provide the name of the organization hosting the event, date, time, location, and appropriate contact information
  • Include the disability-services information: ‘For disability-related accommodations, contact the office of Accessibility Services at (419) 824 3523 or’
  • Avoid any demeaning portrayal of the University or members of the Campus Community
  • Refrain from violating any copyright laws or the use of anything that is not consistent with values of the University
  • Note: No flyers can ever be posted on glass doors or windows in any building of the University.
  • No flyers can be posted on the outside doors of the offices of the President and Vice Presidents.
  • No flyers or banners are allowed on any terra cotta wall in Mother Adelaide or Russell J. Ebeid Hall.
  • Flyers/posters not approved are subject to removal.

Sylvania Franiscan Village Historic Campus Guidelines


Weapons Policy

The possession, wearing, carrying, transporting, or use of a weapon (gun, handgun, firearm, or other dangerous ordinance) is strictly forbidden on the Sylvania Franciscan Village property (this does not include on-duty law enforcement officers). This prohibition also extends to any person who may have acquired a government-issued permit or license. Also prohibited are any weapons that may be kept concealed in vehicles parked on Sylvania Franciscan Campus property and vehicles owned or leased by Lourdes University or the Sisters of St. Francis.

Violation of this policy will result in disciplinary action and sanctions up to and including expulsion, in the case of Lourdes University students, or termination of employment, in the case of employees.

Any questions regarding this policy, including the granting of exceptions for off-duty law enforcement officers, should be addressed to the University’s Director of Public Safety.

Lost and Found

Lost or misplaced articles can be reclaimed, if found, at the Welcome Center in Russell J. Ebeid Hall.

School Closings and/or Delays (Weather)

Policy Regarding Children on Campus

The Lourdes University campus welcomes children (defined here as anyone under 14 years of age) who are accompanied and supervised by a parent or adult caregiver. The supervision, safety and security of children are the responsibility of the parent or adult caregiver. The University assumes no responsibility for the safety and supervision of children left unattended. The University Campus Security Staff may be notified if a child is left in the Academic Support Center, Center for Professional Studies, Library, or other locations unaccompanied by an adult.

Please note the following:

Children, ages 14 or younger, must be under the direct supervision of a parent or an adult caregiver at all times while on campus.

Parents or other adult caregivers must monitor all activities and behavior of their children while they are on campus. They are also responsible for any damage to property done by the child. Parents will be asked to remove children from campus who exhibit disruptive behavior.

University computers are intended for research, University work and the completing of course assignments; they are not intended as diversions or entertainment for children.

Identification (I.D.) Cards

An I.D. card is required to obtain a validated library card to borrow books from the Dun Scotus Library, to use the gym and fitness center, to use the Academic Support Center, The Grille, and Residence Hall Laundry Facilities and to obtain a parking sticker. A parking sticker will be issued to any student with a valid I.D. card and will remain valid for the duration of the student’s years at Lourdes.

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