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If the coronavirus outbreak continues to rise, will Lourdes University decide not to open as planned?

The University welcomed students to campus who are participating in a summer program in preparation for Student Orientation (August 20-23). Lourdes anticipates welcoming all returning and new students to campus for the start of Fall semester. The University has developed a plan following current state and public health guidelines with the awareness that these guidelines might quickly change requiring planned flexibility and quick adaptation.


What measures has the University taken to prevent the spread of COVID-19?

The University has made the following changes regarding campus facilities:

Recommendations for personal hygiene are posted throughout campus. Hand sanitizing supplies are available near the entrances of all buildings and in high touch environments. The University has taken great effort to remove high-touch items such as magazines, utensils, pens and instead, provide single use items when possible.

Plexiglass separation barriers have been installed in areas of high transaction traffic. These areas include the Lourdes University Welcome Desk in Russell Ebeid Hall; Duns Scotus Library Circulation Desk in St. Clare Hall; the Academic Success Center Reception Desk in Delp Hall; the Student Accounts Counter and Directions Credit Union in Mother Adelaide Hall; the Information Technology Desk in the lower level of Russell Ebeid Hall; the Registrar’s Office Counter in St. Clare Hall; the Russell Ebeid Recreation Center Lobby Desk and Café Lourdes and University Dining Hall Registered located in Mother Adelaide Hall.

Public and common areas on campus are cleaned and disinfected by Environmental Services staff as often as possible to promote safety. All classrooms, restrooms, lounges, stairwells, elevators, corridors and public spaces are cleaned during the overnight work shifts. Elevator buttons and stairwell railings should be self-cleaned before use.


Will the University end on-campus fall classes early?

At this time, there is no vaccine or therapeutics currently available to fight the coronavirus. Because of the scientific predicted resurgence of the virus this fall, the University developed a plan that is flexible and can easily be adapted. There is no fall break in 2020. Faculty have also prepared courses to transition to online or remote delivery if state and public health guidelines regarding the coronavirus should change.

If a public health emergency occurs that requires the University to alter operations to contain the spread of disease or virus, we will follow protocols informed by the best practices in public health. In the event of a Stay-at-Home order issued by the government, residential students will have a 48-hour window to determine whether to leave campus or to remain in place. Students choosing to leave campus will not be allowed to return for the duration of the Stay-at-Home order.

Lourdes will remain in operation in the event of a Stay-at-Home order with the residence halls, dining hall services (including as needed delivery) and support services open.


What is expected of students while on campus?

The University plan for Fall 2020 is rooted in an expectation that all students and employees are committed to the health and wellbeing of our community and actively respect each individual on campus. As such, each member of the community has a responsibility for adhering to the guidelines to assure safety for her/himself and other members of the Lourdes community with faculty and staff providing strong role modeling. The Lourdes community and all guests are expected to follow the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Ohio Department of Health and Toledo-Lucas County Health Department guidelines: monitor your health, practice personal hygiene, practice physical distancing, wear a face covering, and clean and disinfect areas often.

Each day before entering campus buildings, students shall either take their temperatures at home or have temperatures taken on designated campus locations. Commuter students whose temperature is in excess of 100.4 F shall not come or be on campus. Residential students with a temperature in excess of 100.4 F will be asked to return to their apartments and consult the Lourdes Health Clinic at 419-824-3971 or

Recommendations for personal hygiene are posted throughout campus. Hand sanitizing supplies are available near the main entrances of all buildings and in high touch environments. Please refrain from using or sharing high-touch items such as magazines, utensils, pens and use single use items when possible.

The Student Code of Conduct has been updated to reflect COVID-19 protocol.

The University will follow the NAIA Guidelines and Recommendations for athletics. Review NAIA’s latest FAQs regarding COVID-19 at NAIA’s 2020-21 COVID-19 Response Manual is also available at Lourdes University Athletics will follow the WHAC or conference guidelines when they are updated. Lourdes University and the Athletics Department will also follow the guidelines set forth in the Ohio Department of Health Director’s Second Amended Order that Provides Mandatory Requirements for Youth, Collegiate, Amateur, Club and Professional Sports.


Is COVD-19 testing available at Lourdes University?

There is nothing more important to Lourdes than the health and safety of University students, staff and faculty. In that spirit, and in compliance with the recommendation of Governor DeWine’s Office in the state of Ohio, Lourdes will begin doing random COVID-19 testing of faculty, staff and students. Beginning after October 9, 2029, Lourdes will be testing 3% of community members each week.  Weekly notifications will be sent through the Lourdes email system to randomly selected individuals directing them to make an appointment to be tested at the Lourdes University – ProMedica Health Clinic in Sylvan Square, 4900 N. McCord Road.  Lourdes is utilizing the Abbott BinaxNOW™ COVID-19 test, as it is a highly accurate but minimally invasive test, with results available in 5 – 15 minutes.  Students are not required to quarantine or isolate because of this test, unless they are found positive for COVID-19. Random testing is one of the best tools known to slow the spread of the virus. These random tests will be represented in the Lourdes COVID-19 Dashboard weekly updates.

Since the commencement of the 2020 Fall semester, the University Health Clinic is testing members of the Lourdes Community who are symptomatic. The University has secured additional tests through a private company for athletic testing. The Lourdes University Health Clinic also works with the Toledo-Lucas County Health Department for testing of those who have been exposed and for contact tracing purposes.


How has Lourdes changed academic delivery of classes during the pandemic?

Lourdes professors recognize the need for flexible design of courses which allows for face-to-face and hybrid instruction that can be adapted online or remote learning depending on the continued impact of the coronavirus.

Classes will be offered face-to-face, hybrid and online. Room assignments are based on the ability to physically distance. Lab study may require the use of additional classroom space for rotation of learners.


What if I am an individual who cannot wear a face covering or caring for a family member who is considered vulnerable to the virus?

The University realizes that facial coverings may be prohibited by specifically documented legal, life, health or safety considerations. Per the Toledo-Lucas County Health Department, asthma, allergies and sinus infections are not a contraindication for using a face mask. Students wishing to have an accommodation should consult the Accessibility Services Office.

Faculty are prepared to accommodate remote student learning for students with health concerns or caring for or living with individuals with health vulnerabilities. Professors will use pedagogy conducive to flexibility such as the flipped classroom with in-class face-to-face study reserved for active learning.

Students are encouraged to contact and work with their professor(s). Accessibility Services can assist students in exploring options for appropriate accommodations. Throughout the semester, the Academic Success Center shall be available regardless of the academic format being used or in the event of a Stay-at-Home order.


What do I do if I require accessibility assistance?

The University is committed to providing the same level of accommodations it has always provided. The Office of Accessibility Services is available to all students and provides reasonable accommodations, support services, and auxiliary aids for students with disabilities and/or medical conditions. The Office of Accessibility Services administers accommodations for all eligible students, removing barriers to full participation in University life. Students with accessibility questions should contact Accessibility Services provided through the Academic Success Center at


What is the difference between face-to-face, online and hybrid classes?

Following public health guidelines, Lourdes is offering face-to-face classes that ensure physical distancing, mandate maximum capacity in physical classrooms, and require students and professors to wear face coverings or PPE when appropriate for labs, studio study and nursing classes.

Hybrid classes involve online delivery as well as face-to-face sessions. Online or remote learning can be done following a synchronous or asynchronous format. Synchronous involves conference calls with classes offered through BigBlueButton (part of the Canvas platform) or Zoom teleconferencing. Asynchronous learning allows professors to post lesson plans and course projects on Canvas Studio for students to access.


Are face coverings required in classes and labs?

Yes, professors and students shall wear face coverings when in all public areas including classes, labs and studios. When required, students in nursing courses or labs shall wear full PPE.


How will students complete group projects?

Group projects can be done virtually or in person if individuals are practicing appropriate physical distancing, wearing face masks and following all public health guidelines. If students have questions, they should consult with their professor. Students are also encouraged to contact and utilize the services of the Academic Success Center. For assistance with completing remote or online assignments or learning, please contact the Academic Success Center at


I am an international student. Will I be allowed to take classes remotely if I return home at Thanksgiving break?

Yes, if you return to your home country for Thanksgiving break, you will be permitted to complete your courses remotely if needed.


What if I am required to complete service learning or an internship?

Civic engagement and community based learning opportunities are impacted by restrictions put in place by community partners. For that reason, internships, experiential learning required for a major and service learning opportunities are designed this fall to be completed as early as possible. Discipline simulations and software supporting experiential learning will be used to support and fulfill learning objectives. Until further notice, international service experiences are suspended.


Will student organizations be responsible for ensuring that their members follow all necessary safety protocols at events and/or meetings?

All members of the Lourdes Community are expected to adhere to mass gathering restrictions defined by the Ohio and Toledo-Lucas County Health Departments. Students and student organizations shall follow the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Ohio Department of Health and Toledo-Lucas County Health Department guidelines which include monitoring your health, personal hygiene, physical distancing, wearing face coverings and cleaning and disinfecting. When meeting in-person or face-to-face options are not conducive to following the public health guidelines, student organizations are encouraged to set-up virtual gatherings.


Do students have to wear face coverings in outdoor spaces on campus?

Lourdes University requests students follow proper public health guidelines while in outdoor campus spaces. In addition to practicing physical distance (6 feet apart), students are requested to wear a face covering.


Will the University have spectators at home games?

Lourdes University will welcome spectators to its athletic events during the 2020-21 season in accordance with the order set forth by the state of Ohio. For athletic home games, Lourdes will operate at 15% of maximum capacity while enforcing social distancing guidelines of at least six feet between families. Spectators must conduct daily symptom assessments and anyone experiencing any symptoms must stay home. Spectators may not congregate at the facility before or after games. Face coverings will be required throughout the event. Fans from the Lourdes community will be admitted on a first come, first serve basis until the facility reaches capacity. Tickets are $5 each with students, faculty, and staff admitted free of charge with valid ID. Lourdes student-athletes are allowed two complimentary admissions each as well. No opponent spectators will be admitted for indoor events.


Are visitors permitted in residential housing?

To ensure the health and wellbeing of the Lourdes community, the University has established a Visitor & Guest protocol for the fall 2020 semester. Lourdes University President Mary Ann Gawelek reviews details in a video.


What if I don’t have a thermometer?

If a student, employee or visitor does not have access to a thermometer, she/he should go to a designated temperature check station on campus. If their temperature is below 100.4 F, they are permitted to be on campus property. If their temperature is in excess of 100.4 F, visitors, guests and commuter students will be asked to leave campus. Residential students with temperatures above 100.4 F shall return to their campus apartment. If a student is unable to attend classes or a required session or event, they should contact the faculty or staff member to arrange accommodations.


Where are the thermometer stations located on campus?

Thermometer stations are located in the following locations.

  • Welcome Center in Russell Ebeid Hall
  • Ebeid Rec Center Lobby
  • Canticle Center
  • The Den
  • Franciscan Center


How will common spaces and bathrooms be cleaned and disinfected? What about elevators and stairways?

Public and common areas on campus are cleaned and disinfected by Environmental Services staff as often as possible to promote safety. All classrooms, restrooms, lounges, stairwells, elevators, corridors and public spaces are cleaned during the overnight work shifts. Elevator buttons and stairwell railings should be self-cleaned before use.


Will food delivery be available for students who are sick?

Yes. The Lourdes Dining Hall can provide delivery for students in campus housing.


Is the Rec Center open to all students? Can we use the fitness center and weight room?

Yes. The Rec Center is currently open only to students, faculty and staff. At this time, the Rec Center is not open to alumni.


How has training and conditioning changed for Gray Wolves teams?

Training and conditioning have changed a lot. Lourdes University Athletics is adhering to the CDC guidelines based on the sports category as contact or no contact. The University does have protocol in place to return to play.


Is the Alumni House open to visitors, guests and alumni?

No. Due to COVID-19, the Lourdes Alumni House is now open to visitors, guests and alumni until further notice.


Can students gather with friends in the dining hall and other spots on campus?

The Dining Hall, Gubi’s Grind, Den, the Athletic Center and all gathering spaces are open during fall semester. The areas have been set up to align with public health guidelines. Students are welcome to gather with their peers in these spaces while following physical distancing and wearing face coverings.


What happens if I test positive for COVID-19 and can’t attend class? Can I still access course materials?

Students who believe they have been or were exposed to coronavirus shall follow the Lourdes COVID-19 Exposure Protocol.


What is the difference between isolating and quarantining?

For the latest updates regarding isolating and quarantining, please review the CDC’s web pages.




What does physical distancing mean?

University students are expected to follow social distancing guidelines as defined by the Ohio Department of Health. Signage indicating the maximum occupancy is posted in rooms and common areas with adherence to physical distancing.

  • Classrooms have been evaluated for available seating with assurance to the physical distancing guidelines.
  • Art studios may require more space, possible adjacent rooms or use of the Canticle Center Gallery or student lounge.
  • Social gathering spaces (Franciscan Center, Ebeid Recreation Center, Planetarium Lobby, Den, Gubi’s Grind, Campus Ministry House, Canticle Center student lounge and gallery area, Franciscan Center and Canticle Center gyms) are marked for assurance to physical distancing guidelines.
  • Dining areas (e.g., dining room, café, concession stand) are set up to allow for adherence to Ohio Department of Health guidelines for public dining (50% capacity). This number will be monitored by AVI employees in the server, as well as inside and outside seating.

Residence halls shall not exceed two residents per bedroom, four residents per apartment. In indoor public campus areas, floor markings will guide physical distancing.

Faculty and staff offices as well as conference rooms shall follow maximum occupancy guidelines and assure physical distancing can be accommodated. If physical distancing is not possible, a meeting must be rescheduled to an alternative location.

Plexiglass separation barriers have been installed in areas of high transaction traffic. These areas include the Welcome Desk, Duns Scotus Circulation Desk, Academic Success Center Reception Desk, the Student Accounts Counter, Directions Credit Union, the Information Technology Desk, the Registrar’s Office Counter, the Recreation Center Lobby Desk, and Café Lourdes and Dining Hall Registers.


If face-to-face courses are transitioned to online or remote delivery, will there be a tuition reduction?

No tuition reduction will occur if courses are moved to online or remote delivery. Regardless if courses are face-to-face, remote or hybrid, Lourdes students receive an excellent educational experience, one that involves the best technology, professional tools, resources and Wi-Fi infrastructure and access for students and professors.


If I prefer to not take any online or hybrid courses, what should I do?

Students who prefer all classes be offered in a face-to-face format or require accessibility accommodations shall contact the Accessibilities Services at



Review the Ohio Department of Health COVID-19 Travel Advisory for the latest updates

Toledo-Lucas County Health Department – COVID Testing