First Year Experience FYE

Lourdes University Connections (LUC) is a program designed with students’ success in mind. The mission of Connections is to provide a common experience where new scholars are welcomed into the Lourdes community while intentionally addressing personal and academic success strategies, communicating early and often about expectations, modeling the Lourdes mission, promoting opportunities for co-curricular involvement, and proactively addressing issues and concerns that college students experience on a national scale.

Connections begins during Gray Wolf Registration Days, transitions through Welcome Weekend (the week prior to the start of the academic semester), and continues with a series of courses over the first two years of a student’s academic program.

These courses include the following:

  • LUC 101: College Connections (3)
  • LUC 102: Career Connections (1)
  • LUC 201: Concept Connections (1)
  • LUC 202: Communication Connections (1)

These courses are instructed by both faculty and professional staff and are offered sequentially. Some programs of study have specific courses designated to fulfill LUC 102 – 202.

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