First Year Experience FYE

Lourdes University provides a First Year Experience (FYE) program. Designed with students’ success in mind, Lourdes faculty and staff members have built a strong, diverse program that assists students during their important first year in college.

The purpose of the FYE program is to provide a common experience where new scholars are welcomed into the Lourdes community. The program begins during Gray Wolf Registration Days, offered during the spring and summer months, transitions through New Student Orientation and continues with the FYE 101. Throughout, students learn what is expected of them academically and are provided with personal and academic success strategies.

To ease the transition from high school to college, FYE students are encouraged to:

  • Model the Lourdes University mission
  • Get involved with co-curricular activities including Student Life events, Career Services, Campus Ministry, academic lectures, and Athletics.
  • Meet academic expectations
  • Communicate early and often with key college departments including advising, financial aid, academic support services and residence life
  • Understand the important role they play in achieving their bachelor’s degree