Resident Assistant Recruitment

Welcome to the Resident Assistant selection process!

By completing the online application below or submitting this Resident Assistant job application, you are expressing your interest in one of the most important student leadership positions available at Lourdes University. Resident Assistants are community leaders, educators, counselors, friends, change agents, advisors, policy enforcers, and team players. If hired and placed as an RA, you will play a critical role in shaping a floor/building community and will involve student residents in that community. The demands on RAs are complex, but the material and nonmaterial benefits are extremely rewarding. The Resident Assistant position is the toughest job you’ll ever love.

What is Resident Assistant (RA)

RAs are part-time, student staff members who live in residence halls. The mission of Residence Life at Lourdes University is to empower residence hall students and staff to create safe, caring, and inclusive communities. RAs encourage and support students in academic and personal growth by fostering awareness, appreciation, and development of skills to succeed in a diverse, global society. Finally, RAs are role models within their communities, demonstrating responsible and ethical behavior. RAs play a pivotal role in our department and are a vital resource for many members of the campus community.

Minimum Qualifications

  1. At least one year experience living in a residence hall
  2. Ability to work with a diverse student population
  3. Full time student enrolled in a degree granting program
  4. Minimum 2.75 cumulative G.P.A. at time of application
  5. Free of any Lourdes University Judicial Sanctions by February 10.

Items Worth Noting

When you apply for the position, you are not applying for any specific building. Rather, your file will become active campus-wide and your skills and interests will be matched with available openings. If you are offered a position and choose not to accept it, your file will become inactive. You will need to complete a new application if you wish to be considered for an RA position in the future. Submitting this application indicates your consent for the Director of Residence Life to confirm your GPA.

Your Application Should Include

  • Completed Application (use the online form below)
  • One page resume (typed on a separate sheet or submitted below)
  • Responses to short answer questions (these are included in the form below)
  • Essay (typed on a separate sheet or submitted below)
  • Three References: Reference letters must be received before the February 5 deadline

Applications will not be considered without references

Resident Assistant Application Essay

Every candidate for Resident Assistant position is required to submit an application essay. The essay will be considered and reviewed in the same manner as references and interviews to give candidates the opportunity to present their skills, experiences, viewpoints, and potential to function as a valuable member of a hall staff team.

Essay Format

Please be sure that you abide by the following format:

  • Your name should be clearly placed on each sheet of paper you submit
  • Essay must be typed or electronically printed
  • Print should be 12 point in size and double-spaced
  • Maximum length of 2- 2½ pages
  • New Times Roman

Issues to Include

Please be sure to address the questions listed below as part of your essay.

  1. What do you think are the primary roles of a Resident Assistant?
  2. What traits, personality, strengths or skills do you possess which will enable you to perform the duties of a Resident Assistant?
  3. What do you think residents need to feel, know, and do that will contribute to the development of a positive floor community?
  4. What are your thoughts on the importance of diversity in the Res Halls?

Essay Tips

  • Review each question very carefully before beginning to write
  • Use any individual experiences and personal qualities you might have to illustrate your strengths and potential to be a successful Community Advisor
  • Be clear, concise, and use specific language to communicate your thoughts
  • Edit your essay for grammatical and typographical errors before submitting your essay
  • Please submit any hard copies to the mailbox at the Welcome Center.
  • Office located at the Den


  • Resident Assistant Application Form

  • List three persons on campus that will serve as your references. One should be a current RA, faculty or staff (non-residence life) member. These references should submit written letters of recommendation to T. Todd Masman ( as soon as possible. Applications without complete references will not be considered.
  • Responses to short answer questions
  • Accepted file types: doc, docx, pdf, txt, rtf.
    Maximum file size - 2 mega bytes.
  • Accepted file types: doc, docx, pdf, txt, rtf.
    Maximum file size - 2 mega bytes.
  • Academic Status / Year * Required
  • Submitting this application indicates your approval for the Director of Residence Life to confirm your GPA with the Student Accounts office.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.