The following policies and procedures have been enacted by the University in order to provide a safe, secure, flexible, and robust information technology environment for all constituents of Lourdes University.  For questions regarding any of these policies and procedures, please contact the Chief Information Officer of Lourdes University.

Technology Acceptable Use Policy

This document outlines the university’s policy of acceptable use of technology equipment and resources, the effective protection of individual users, equitable access, and proper management of those resources.


Data Classification Policy

(in development)

This policy provides direction regarding identification, classification and handling of information assets.

Data Classification and Safe Handling Procedures

(in development)

This procedure details the steps required to apply a data classification scheme to Lourdes University systems and data.

Network Password Policy

(in development)

The University seeks to protect its data stored on University owned resources, cloud services, and internal servers from unauthorized access, use, alteration, modification, disclosure, deletion, destruction and/or removal.

User Account Management Policy

(in development)

This policy governs the creation, management and deletion of user accounts; granting and revocation of authorized privileges associated with a user-account; and authentication by which users establish their rights to use a given account.