Adopted: July 1, 2009

1.0 Acceptable Use Policies


As part of its educational mission, Lourdes University acquires, develops, and supports technology resources for students, faculty, staff, and the supporting community.  This technology is intended for university-related purposes, including direct and indirect support of the university’s teaching, scholarship, and service missions; university administrative functions; student and campus life activities; and the free exchange of ideas within the university community.

This document outlines the university’s policy of acceptable use of technology equipment and resources, the effective protection of individual users, equitable access, and proper management of those resources.

General Rules

Users of university technology resources must comply with federal and state laws, university rules and policies, and the terms of acceptable contracts including software licenses while using university technology resources.  Although there is no set bandwidth, disk space, CPU time, or other limit applicable to all uses of university technology resources, the university may require users of those resources to limit or refrain from specific uses if, in the opinion of the university administration, such use interferes with the efficient operations of the system.

Rights and Responsibilities

The rights of academic freedom and freedom of expression apply to the use of university technology resources.  So too, however, do the responsibilities and limitations associated with those rights.  The university supports a campus and technology environment open to the free expression of ideas, including unpopular points of view.  However, the use of university computing resources, like the use of other university-provided resources and activities, is subject to the requirements of legal and ethical behavior.  Thus, legitimate use of technology equipment and resources does not extend to whatever is technically possible.

Each person is responsible to all other members of the university community in many ways, including to respect and value the rights of privacy for all, to recognize and respect the diversity of the population and opinion of the community, to behave ethically, and to comply with all legal restrictions regarding the use of information that is the property of others.

1.1 Terms of Computer Account Use

Computer accounts, passwords, and other types of authorization are assigned to individual users and must not be shared with others.  Each individual is responsible for the use of his or her own account, password or authorization codes.  Disciplinary action may be taken against persons using passwords and/or authorization codes assigned to another user(s).

No person should look at, copy, alter or destroy anyone else’s personal files, without explicit permission (unless authorized or required to do so by law or regulations).  The ability to access a file or other information does not imply permission to do so.  Similarly, no one should connect to a host on the network without advance permission.

1.2 Terms of Email Use

Use of email by Lourdes University students, faculty, and staff is permitted and encouraged where such use supports the goals and objectives of the university.  Email is intended to be used in a manner that is consistent with the university’s standards of academic integrity and business conduct.

1.2.1 Email Ownership

All email accounts and the equipment used to produce, transmit, and store email services are the property of Lourdes University.  The university reserves the right to assign, monitor, and revoke email privileges at any time.  Use of email may be subject to monitoring for security and/or network management reasons.  Users may also be subject to limitations on their use for such resources.  The university will access email accounts in the pursuit of an appropriately authorized legal or disciplinary investigation.

1.2.2 Liability

Lourdes University assumes no liability for direct or indirect damages arising from the user’s use of Lourdes University’s email system and services.  Users are solely responsible for the content they disseminate.  Lourdes University is not responsible for any third-party claim, demand, or damage arising out of use of the Lourdes University Student email system or services.

1.2.3 Account Activation/Termination


Student email accounts will become available for activation within 24 hours of registering for classes at Lourdes University.  All students who activate a Lourdes University student email account are required to adhere to the Information Technology Acceptable Use Policy.

Email accounts will be deleted if the student has not registered for classes in over two years.  Lourdes University reserves the right to terminate student email accounts any time and for any reason.

Employees (faculty and staff)

Faculty and staff email accounts will become available for activation within 24 hours of the commencement of their employment at Lourdes University.  All employees who activate a Lourdes University email account are required to read and accept this “Acceptable Use Policy.”  Lourdes University reserves the right to terminate employee accounts at any time.

1.2.4 Non-university Related Use of Email

Employees and students of Lourdes University are allowed to use their university issued email account for personal use.  However, this type of personal use must still adhere to all university policies and procedures, and must never have an adverse impact on uses of technology and information resources in support of the university’s mission.  The administration of Lourdes University reserves the right to define the acceptable level of personal use of email.  An employee’s supervisor may also decide that personal activities are affecting the abilities of the employee or colleagues to perform job functions, and it is his or her right to require the employee to cease those activities.

1.3 Terms of Technology Equipment and Related Resource Use

Lourdes University makes no warranties of any kind for the technology resources it is providing.  The university will not be responsible for any damages the user incurs.  This includes loss of data resulting from delays, non-deliveries or incorrect deliveries of information or interruptions in technology services.  Use of any information obtained via the university’s technology resources is at the user’s own risk.  Lourdes University specifically denies any responsibility for the accuracy, quality or cost of information, goods or services obtained through the university’s technology services.

Employees (faculty and staff)

Administrators, faculty, and staff may utilize technology resources for educational and/or work related purposes at any time which is not disruptive and does not interfere with the performance of others responsibilities by the employee or other staff members.  All employees should set a good example for proper system use.  All employees should observe security restrictions and make every effort to ensure that students are not using systems improperly or without authorization.  In the event a user feels he/she can identify a security problem, he/she must notify administration or the university’s technology services department.


Students will be required to adhere to all of the guildelines set forth in this policy and all stipulations of technology use as outlined in the Technology Acceptable Use Policy.

1.4 Terms of Telecommunications Network Use (Internet, wireless, and related systems)

The policy for governing the use of the university’s network resources is intended to allow the university to acquire the benefits of increased efficiency through the use of technology.  In addition, this policy is intended to protect the university’s information assets, the instructional and operational integrity of the university, and the rights of students and university employees.

This policy applies to the following entities:

  • all the university’s employees including regular, temporary, part-time and contract employees
  • all students enrolled in the university
  • all other users of any of the university’s technology resources regardless of their affiliation
  • all university-owned or operated technology systems which are subscribed to and/or paid for by the university

Lourdes Univeristy provides access to network equipment and resources or all students, faculty, and staff.  The intent of this access is to provide a resource that will help facilitate teaching and learning, faculty and student research, and community outreach.  Utilization of the university’s network will promote communication between all members in the learning community and have a positive impact on academic achievement.  Through these resources, opportunities will extend to the home, other educational institutions, libraries, or at any other location which the university’s network can be reached.

Lourdes University cannot ensure the integrity of information accessed via the university’s network resources.  The university makes no guarantees as to the accuracy of information received using these resources.

All individuals that access the university’s network resources are required to use them in a responsible manner.  The university prohibits the use of the Internet to transmit any material that is in violation of any federal, state or local laws or regulations.  This includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • copyrighted material
  • threatening material
  • obscene material
  • material protected by trade secret
  • sexual harassment and/or other forms of discrimination

Lourdes University also prohibits the use of network resources to transmit any material that is in violation of university policies and procedures.

1.5 Phones and Related Systems

Lourdes University telephones, telephone lines, and fax machines are available for faculty and staff members and student employees to use in carrying out official business of the university.  The placing and receiving of phone calls from Lourdes University-provided phones or faxes for reasons other than official Lourdes University business should be very infrequent and are permissible only if proper supervisory approval is granted.  Faculty and staff should make every effort to minimize receiving calls or fax messages unrelated to Lourdes University business while at work.

Faculty and staff members may need to occasionally use Lourdes University telephones, telephone lines, and fax machines for personal reasons.  Normally, such use should not result in additional costs or damage not hinder the day-to-day operation of the university.  Incidental use of such equipment is permissible so long as it does not unduly interfere with the individual’s assigned responsibilities or the normal functioning of the university operations.

Long Distance Calls and Faxes

Long distance calls and faxes include any call that is not local or free or charge to Lourdes University.  In instances where it is necessary to place a personal long distance call over a Lourdes University phone, a personal phone telephone credit card must be used, the call must be collect, or charged to a third party.  Occasionally, a personal long distance call or fax may occur by accident or may be necessary in the case of a personal emergency.  When such a situation arises, the call(s) must be reimbursed promptly through the university Finance Department.

1.6 Disciplinary Actions for Policy Violations

This acceptable use policy is intended to promote the strategic mission of Lourdes University by encouraging responsible conduct and use of the university’s technology resources.  Disciplinary action for violating this policy shall be governed by the applicable policies and procedures of Lourdes University.  Technology access and usage rights will immediately be revoked if an employee is terminated for cause.

In the event of violations of local, state or federal law, violations will be reported to appropriate authorities.  The university will cooperate fully in investigation and/or prosecution of law violations by law enforcement authorities.