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When considering closing or delaying the opening of Lourdes University, the Administration takes into account a number of factors, including:

  • Local and regional weather forecasts
  • The Lucas County Snow Emergency Level
  • Road condition information from the Ohio Department of Transportation
  • The status of comparable institutions [universities, colleges, businesses]

Lourdes will usually not close for Lucas County Level I and Level II snow emergencies.

Please check the Lourdes University website and local media when there is a Level III Snow Emergency in Lucas County.

Students are asked not to call Lourdes to inquire about classes. Classes will meet unless a closing / delay is posted on the website and announced through the media and a LourdesALERT message.

The first notification of a closing or delay for weather or for any other reason will be via the Lourdes website. Announcements will follow on the Lourdes Facebook/Twitter pages and on local radio and television stations.

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If the University will close due to severe weather, the following actions will be implemented:

  • Inform local radio and television stations
  • Notify students, faculty and staff via LourdesAlert
  • Notify essential services if needed
  • Evacuate if event requires
  • Maintain status until the severe weather issue has passed
  • Assess for injuries or damage
  • Inspection of all facilities completely prior to reoccupying them
  • If applicable notify students, faculty and staff that it is safe to resume classes and operations

Essential Services

Essential services include personnel functions and roles that are critical to provide University services regardless of incident occurrence. There should be every effort made to maintain these services as long as it can be done safely. The specific functions that may be provided include University entrance capability, maintenance of operations, etc. Specific job roles can include the following:

  • Public Safety
  • Emergency Services- Fire, Police, EMS
  • Student Life
  • Student Housing
  • University Relations
  • Health, Safety and Environmental
  • Food Services
  • Maintenance
  • Information Technology
  • Any additional key operational and logistics related roles

University staff members in these roles designated as “essential” will be expected to stay on site during incidents such as snow closures and similar human and natural incidents. The University must plan on providing food and sleeping quarters, if necessary.

In addition, they may need to arrive at the University prior to forecast incidents occurring and staying until the situation has been stabilized.