Student Parking Permits

Residential and Commuter students are required to have parking permits. Parking lots are designated and permits are color coordinated to the allowed lots. Parking permits can be obtained from the Public Safety department located by Lourdes Commons at 6557 Brint Rd.

  • Parking permits are $50.00 a semester.
  • Parking permits are to be placed on the outside, back windshield of the vehicle.

Faculty & Staff Parking Permits

Faculty & Staff is required to have parking permits for their vehicles. A faculty or staff member may be issued more than one permit for additional registered vehicles. Parking permits can be obtained from the Public Safety department located by Lourdes Commons at 6557 Brint Rd.

Parking permits are to be placed on the outside, back windshield of the vehicle.

Parking Restrictions

Parking is prohibited in all fire lanes, driveways, ramps, sidewalks and lawn areas. Faculty, Staff & Students is prohibited from parking in designated visitor parking spaces, the circle in front of Umbria Hall near Duns Scotus Library, Rosary Care Center parking lot and Handicap parking spaces without visible disability parking permit registered to the person driving the vehicle.

Parking Violations and Fines

Specific Violations

  • Failure to register/display permit $20
  • Student vehicle in visitor area $20
  • Improper parking in lined areas $20
  • Parked/driving on sidewalk $20
  • Parked on crosswalk/curb cut $20
  • Reserved space without a permit $20
  • Parked in roadway $20
  • Designated lot violation $20
  • Display of unauthorized, counterfeit or fraudulent permit $20
  • Other improper parking $20
  • Parking in fire lane $20
  • No parking/tow away zone $20
  • Handicapped space $250

Handicap violation may be enforced by Sylvania Police Department

Payment of Fines

Fines are to be paid to Lourdes University Student Account’s Office within 14 working days after the notice of violation. Failure to pay fines will result in a hold placed on grades and transcripts.

Parking Citation Appeals

  1. To appeal a parking citation you may do so within 5 working days after the notice of violation. The appeal should be submitted in writing to Public Safety.
  2. The written appeal can be dropped off at the Public Safety office, turned into the Welcome Center or sent via email to the parking department email:
  3. Please make sure to include the citation number along with a name and contact information for notification of the decision.
  4. If the appeal is denied, payment for the fine is to be made within 7 working days of the notice denial.
  5. A student may be permitted to file an appeal after the period specified above with permission of the Director of Public Safety provided good cause is shown that an opportunity to appeal within the prescribed time was not feasible.
  6. An appeal decision is usually made within 5 days of receiving appeal.

Visitor Parking & Parking Questions

Visitor parking spaces are provided for visitors to the campus. For large events we do have special event parking signs to help indicate where to park. Arrangements can be made for special visitor parking passes if needed by emailing the parking department:

Any questions relating to parking can be sent via email to: or by calling the Public Safety Department at 419-574-3861.

Vehicle Boot Policy

Lourdes University public safety department may boot a vehicle if the following has been violated:

  • Accumulation of unpaid parking tickets at or exceeding $ 200.00
  • Multiple warnings of violations regarding the President’s visitor parking spaces

The boot will be applied to one of the vehicle tires; to have the boot removed driver must contact the public safety department at 419-574-3861.

A fee will be accessed to driver of the vehicle for boot placement and removal, the boot fee is $50.00 and can be applied to the student account or paid in cash to the bursar’s office. The boot fee cannot be waived and payment must be made before the boot is removed.

Vehicle Tow Policy

Lourdes University public safety department may tow a vehicle if the following has occurred:

  • Vehicle has been booted for 48 hours without arrangements made for payment.
  • Vehicle has been previously booted due to other violations and will be towed instead of a boot being applied for the second occurrence.
  • Vehicle is parked in non-parking or restricted area and a 24 hour warning of tow has been placed on the vehicle.

Public safety will contact vehicle tow company ABCO 419-536-6123 located at 701 N. Westwood, Toledo, OH 43607. ABCO will then tow the vehicle to their establishment. Vehicle owner will be responsible to pay ABCO for tow and holding fee, charges are per ABCO and designated by that company. The University has no control over the fee’s and when towed the owner is solely responsible.