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Purpose & Scope

To describe Lourdes University’s commitment to provide a supportive learning environment for pregnant and parenting students. This policy applies to those seeking admission, currently admitted and those enrolled at Lourdes University.

Additional Authority

Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 University Sexual Misconduct Policy


  • Pregnant or Parenting Student: For the purpose of this policy, pregnant or parenting student refers to those applying for admission, admitted or enrolled in classes who have a qualifying condition.
  • Qualifying Condition: Conditions covered by this policy are pregnancy, complications related to pregnancy, false pregnancy, termination of pregnancy, childbirth, and recovery from any of these conditions.
  • Medically Necessary Leave of Absence: An absence from the classroom or extracurricular activities because of a qualifying condition and deemed necessary and documented by an appropriate health care professional.

Policy Statement

The University seeks to treat all students equitably, regardless of their actual or potential parental or familial status. It is the policy of the University to provide appropriate, reasonable adjustments to educational programs and activities to support pregnant or parenting students.

Requests for an Adjustment for Pregnant or Parenting Students

A student in need of an educational adjustment should submit a request to the VP of Student Life or designee. If a student is unable to submit a request because of her condition, an appropriate representative of the student may contact the VP of Student Life on her behalf and the student may confirm the request when she becomes able to do so.

The VP of Student Life will consult with the student/appropriate representative and appropriate University officials, including the Title IX Coordinator, Director of Accessibility Services, faculty members and Department Chairs to develop an educational adjustment appropriate for that student.

Medically Necessary Leave of Absence

An educational adjustment under this policy may include an excused leave of absence for as long as medically necessary. To request a leave of absence and accompany academic adjustments under this policy, a student should follow the request procedure listed above.

  • If reasonable, a student will be given extra time to make up course work and tests missing during the leave of absence. Whether or not it is reasonable to grant a student extra time to make up course work and tests missed will be determined typically by the Vice President of Academic Affairs, Dean and Department Chairperson in consultation with the VP of Student Life, Title IX Coordinator and Director of Accessibility Services. This determination will usually be based on length of absence requested, ability of student to complete coursework outside of classroom, among other possible contributing factors.
  • If it is unreasonable for a student to receive extra time to complete a course, the student will be given the option to withdrawal from the class without penalty.
  • Pregnant or Parenting students who must take a medically necessary extended leave of absence (generally no longer than 180 days) shall be allowed to return to the same academic and extracurricular status as before the leave began.

Reporting Harassment or Discrimination Due to a Qualifying Condition

Lourdes University prohibits discrimination and harassment on the basis of sex. Pregnant or Parenting Students who believe they have been discriminated against or harassed because of a qualifying condition may file a complaint with the Title IX Coordinator. Complaints of discrimination or harassment under this policy will be processed in accordance with the University Policy of Sexual Misconduct.