An important part of the student experience at Lourdes is the opportunity to participate a variety of student activities. These events are hosted throughout the day and week to accommodate busy student schedules. The University offers annual and traditional events such as Wings & Sings, Late-  Night Breakfast, the End-of-the-Year Raffle, Farewell Festival and much more. Most of these events are free to Lourdes University students. A student programming board called L.E.A.P (Lourdes Events and Activities Planning) plans and coordinates the campus wide events. The group welcomes volunteers and suggestions for activities. For more information about meetings, upcoming events, and how you can get involved, please contact leap@

Understand the full range of Student Activities and Engagement at Lourdes

Campus Events Policy

In an attempt to actively engage all students at Lourdes University, both traditional and non- traditional, Lourdes holds many activities and events throughout the year.

Campus events that begin before 7:00 p.m. are generally open to students and their immediate families. Lourdes defines immediate family for this purpose as significant other, children, and legal dependents. Students who bring their own children or dependents to these events are expected to keep them in their presence and under a reasonable amount of control. If an event starting before 7:00 is not open to families, it will be advertised as such.

Campus events that begin at 7 p.m. or later are normally restricted to students and one guest, who must be at least 16 years of age. Lourdes faculty and staff reserve the right to dismiss guests of students that are unruly or disrespectful. If a student brings

a guest to any Lourdes event, that guest must be in the presence of the student at all times while at the event. The Lourdes student is responsible for any damage that may be caused by their guest.

When food or refreshments are served at a Lourdes campus event, all food must stay within the event location, removing food from the location is prohibited. Students attempting to take food away may be asked to leave from the event.

Lourdes University does not condone the consumption of alcohol by any person under the legal age of 21 years old. For students, alumni, and/or attendees over the age of 21 years old, the consumption of alcoholic beverages or substances is not permitted on LEAP sponsored trips. The University cannot be held responsible for any actions that occur while under the influence, and with this in mind, there is no consumption allowed by any student, guest or chaperones.

For the purpose of this policy, athletic events are considered public and as such are open to the Lourdes Community including children and other dependents. As with other events, children are required to be under the direct supervision of their parent or guardian while at athletic events.

Student Government Association

The Lourdes University Student Government Association (SGA), serves as a formal mechanism for a “student voice” on campus with respect to ideas, issues, and concerns regarding campus policies, programs, and activities. In addition, SGA also sponsors, funds, and coordinates programs that impact the entire student body. It fosters communication, support, and encourages input from the representatives of formally recognized student organizations. Finally, SGA promotes professional and leadership development among its members for personal and career enhancement. For more information about student organizations contact


Student Activities and Athletics offer a wide variety of recreational and fitness opportunities on campus. Most programs are offered at no charge to students unless noted. Activities available are: Basketball, flag football, volleyball, fitness classes and tournaments.

Many of these activities are held in the Russell J. Ebeid Recreational Center. The facility also houses a Fitness Center, which includes treadmills, elliptical machines, stationary bicycles, weight machines and Olympic free weights. The gym and fitness center are open seven days a week.

Interest in activities and questions should be directed to the Athletic Director at 419-824-3897.

Student Center and Student Lounge

The Ebeid Student Center is located in the lower level of Ebeid Hall. A pool table, a ping pong table and a wide-screen TV are available for student use. The Student Lounge is located in the lower level of St. Francis Hall. Both locations provide students with comfortable seating to meet and socialize or have small study group sessions. All students are invited to make full, regular use of the Center, the Lounge, and the Planetarium lobby, which is located in the center of Mother Adelaide Hall adjacent to the Appold Planetarium.

The Den

Located to the north of Lourdes Commons in the rear of Sylvan Plaza is a large space for students to gather, host events, hold meetings, or study. This area features lounge furniture, televisions, a gaming area, Wi-Fi, and computers. The Office of Residence Life is also located in the space, along with the mailboxes for the residential students. Many of the programs offered by the Department of Student Activities are held in the common space as well.

For more information regarding policies, please review the Student Handbook.