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Future Doctors of America (FDA) serves as a platform for any student interested in the future health professions. We work to establish social, educational, and professional relationships between each member. FDA continues to grow to fit the best need of each of our members.

The Purpose

The purpose of Future Doctors of America is:

  • To provide an organization for students pursuing higher education with focus on careers in the health care field
  • To mentor students in structuring a strategic pathway from the freshman through the senior year, including application to post-graduate programs
  • To assist students in pursuing opportunities for undergraduate research, job, shadowing and internships
  • To enrich the knowledge of the members through external field trips such as visits to pertinent exhibits, events, conferences, seminars, programs and institutions


Membership is open to undergraduate or graduate students who meet the below guidelines:

  • Must attend two general meetings per semester
  • Must participate in one event per semester
  • Must be enrolled at Lourdes University
  • Maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.00 or have permission and written consent by an advisor and the current president
  • Must follow the Nondiscrimination Policy and the Student Code of Conduct


Elijah Walters, President
Taylor Maley, Vice President
Megan Jerome, Secretary
Allison Mazey, Treasurer


Elijah Walters


Chris Boudrie