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Text Book Options

Lourdes University has partnered with eCampus to bring students and faculty the ability to order books online. The online ordering system allows students to view competitive prices for new and used textbooks as well as textbook rentals.


Choose the format that best suits your needs and budget*

Rental – Ideal if you want to save more money and don’t want to keep the book after the class is complete. Rentals not only save you money – you can highlight and write in them too!

Digital – Access your textbooks anytime, anywhere, on any device. So convenient and often saves you money.

Used – Same book, better price, previously owned.

New – When you just really want a pristine textbook that is all your own.

Sell – To see your book online, please visit the market place.

*Not all textbook formats are available for all courses. Additional information about textbooks can be found at E-Campus.