March 8, 2017
Anna Swartz

We are going to Lucedale guys! Laurie put in our group message in October. I was so excited to know where we were going. However, I was more excited to be able to represent Lourdes University on this trip.  On this trip I have been blessed with being able to meet new people, work with an awesome group of people, and enjoy good old southern hospitality. An eye opening experience for me would be how thankful everyone is when we are doing the littlest task, for example, when we went to Mr. Dick and Miss Sue’s house today and did a list of work for them in three hours.  I was overjoyed to see first what we can accomplish as a team together, and to see that we have touched someone even if we just spent three hours with them.  Sitting around the dinner table and listening to everyone’s day makes us grow as a group. In reflection, we had to pick a word that describes each other. The words that were picked to describe me surprise me because I do not know what I reflect to others. I am ecstatic that was able to come on this trip, and bless people. I am so happy that I am able to be God’s hands and feet for the week.

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