Day #5

Today we travelled to Mano Amiga and gave food, including corn flour, sugar, beans, and protein power. We split into two different groups and visited ten different families. Some families were very sharing with their stories. One woman had a brother that was 27 years old and diagnosed with testicular cancer and is currently going through treatment in a private hospital. The family is saving up for the brother to get the surgery he needs. Another family took in two girls after their mom died. One child was 9 months old and is now 9 years old, so the woman got to see her grow up. Some of us got to hold babies and meet some very friendly faces. During our reflection time of the day we talked about how it all made us feel. In general, we were so amazed by how selfless everyone we met was even with what we see as tough living conditions. Everyone we met was so friendly, and some even offered snacks and drinks. We realized we need to not be so materialistic when we get back to the states, just like the families in Guatemala. We talked about how we are going to bring the selflessness into the states with donating toys, gifts, money to people of all kinds who need the help.

– Mari Locy


Today we went to Mano Amiga and passed out food to families in need. Each family had multiple children to support within their household and some even shared a house with other families. Each family had welcomed us into their home and even shared their personal stories. One family had taken two children that had lost their mother into their own home. Another family had a two-month-old and was so willing to let us hold her. I found it very shocking that they were so willing to allow a stranger to hold their child, but also made me feel very thankful that they trusted us that much. That same lady also brought each of us homemade lemonade. Those are just two of the ten families we visited. These families have very little compared to us, so It was amazing to see how willing they were to welcome us as well as give us drinks and snacks. Overall, I really enjoyed the experience and even learned a lot from it.

– Jordyn Phillips

Jordyn's birthday celebration

Jordyn and child at Valley

Guatemala Team on balcony - View of mountains


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