– by Savanna Wilson

Today was beautiful- not too much rain, not too much sun, not too much wind. Although this detail is minute in the grand scheme of things it made for the perfect weather to get outside and interact with the children, (mostly the girls). I find it so interesting how certain children are drawn to specific people in our group and vice versa. I think that occurrence is where I see God working the most throughout in my time in Guatemala. The fact that amidst the hundreds of children and a language barrier we can make deep make mutual deep connections is fascinating to me and is a testament to Gods hand guiding paths to cross. In my case, it happened to be 11-year-old Mailin who has spent every day with me thus far. There is something about our communication that makes language seem like the smallest of boundaries.

As an overarching theme I am amazed by the resourcefulness, generosity, and kindness that is ever so prevalent here (and also some amazing cooking). These people have showed me a culture with components that are so familiar to my home of Arizona while also adding so many things I have never heard of nor experienced.

I look forward to each of the remaining days that come.





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