Shows group of several Lourdes students in Guatemala wearing a green Lourdes University shirt

Departure and Arrivals

What a difference a day makes! The 2018 Guatemala Team made it safely to Valle de los Angeles (Valley of the Angels) today. The adventure began at 3:00 am this morning and included a few transportation glitches. Thank you to Corey Anderson’s mom and Sr. Barb who made an unexpected airport run – always be open to Plan B

The team arrived this afternoon and are already getting acquainted with some of the children and learning their way around Valley. Looking forward to many new friendships along the way!

Top photo
Front row: Hope Rule, Savanna Wilson, Ainsley Quigley, Carla Castaneda Yupanqui, Anna Zofchak
Back row: Corey Anderson, Laureen Knueven, Kristen Guballa, Jacob Supina

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